Injectable Treatments

Is aging stopping you? Don’t lose your confidence, as injectable treatments are here to lift you!
Who doesn’t want to look flawless and ageless? It’s a dream of barely everyone, including men and women. Therefore, making the skin ageless without flaws is not a job of home remedies alone; one should indulge in many cosmetic procedures to get shiny skin. This is why injectable treatments come into action, as these treatments can deliver outstanding results for years.
Image Clinic is a one-stop destination for the best injectable treatments in Salt Lake, Kolkata, for providing years of expertise according to the client’s choice.

Image Clinic’s 5 best injectables treatments in Salt Lake

With good reason, Botox is one of our most widely used injectable procedures. It works incredibly well to remove wrinkles and lines from the face in essential parts, including the forehead and the area around the eyes. Botox functions as a muscle relaxant, preventing the formation of wrinkles by stopping the muscles in the treated areas from contracting.

Dermal fillers like Voluma enhance volume in the cheeks and mid-face. To add more volume, Voluma is frequently used on facelift patients. However, anyone who wishes to smooth out wrinkles and seem younger can also use Voluma to achieve this goal.

Kybella is intended to remove fat under the chin, so it is a special injectable treatment. Many individuals find it challenging to lose chin fat with diet and exercise alone, and it can age a person considerably. When chin fat is eliminated with Kybella, it stays that way as long as you don’t gain weight.

Dermal fillers like Restylane are used to smooth out wrinkles and give the face more volume. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally synthesized by the human body, is Restylane’s primary ingredient. Lidocaine is a component of the Restylane recipe, which makes facial injections painless. It is a fantastic option for people who wish to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and restore their naturally youthful curves.

A dermal filler called Radiesse encourages the body to produce more collagen. Radiesse is a successful therapy for achieving youthful skin because, in contrast to direct collagen injections, its results can last up to a year (though they vary). Because Radiesse is combined with a numbing medication, treatment can be completed in a matter of minutes with little to no pain.

How dermal fillers are applied

A product is applied to “fill” the wrinkle, line, or skin depression using a skinny needle. Most dermal fillers have transient wrinkle-smoothing effects, and maintenance treatments are required to keep the impact.

Image Clinic’s several kinds of dermal fillers are:

Collagen: Good for some scars and deep wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid: It is suitable for fine wrinkles on the skin, such as those that run across the forehead and around the mouth. The results remain for almost a year.

Hyaluronan: A hyaluronic acid derivative, is suitable for scars from acne and deep wrinkles. Those who have a collagen allergy may use this product as a substitute.

Polylactic acid: Appropriate for deep wrinkles and skin indentations. The polylactic acid stimulates the skin to create collagen.

Fat injections: A tiny needle removes fat tissue from other body parts. After sterilization, the fat is injected into the wrinkle or facial line. The effects may not go away quickly, and in some situations, touch-up injections might be required. Another name for this procedure is “microlipoinjection.”

What to anticipate from Image Clinic when receiving treatment

Injections of dermal fillers are non-surgical procedures usually finished during our office visit. Our cosmetic surgeon will meet with you for a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals before starting your initial course of treatment.
Consultation prior to treatment
Our cosmetic surgeon will assess your region of concern and review your medical history with you during your appointment. Although there aren’t many things involved with dermal fillers, you should nevertheless reveal all relevant medical history before receiving treatment because some allergies, neurological and skin problems, or prescription drugs may compromise your safety or outcome. For example, you should disclose to your cosmetic surgeon any use of blood thinners or NSAIDs (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen), as these medications raise the risk of bruising.
Your treatment with injectable fillers
The region will be cleaned just before the procedure, and you can be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injection. A mild anesthetic called lidocaine is also used in many filler solutions, and its purpose is to assist reduce discomfort both during and after your procedure. After that, our doctor will carefully inject a specific quantity of filler beneath the skin.
Results from filler injections should be visible immediately, depending on the product and the locations treated. While individuals occasionally experience moderate bruising and swelling, these adverse effects are transient. They should go away in the days that follow therapy. Following treatment, you can immediately resume your regular activities; however, our cosmetic surgeon may ask you to take the day off from exercise or other strenuous activity.
If you receive fat injections, then
Surgery is required for facial fat grafting, and there is a distinct healing process. Fat grafting is usually done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with sedation as an outpatient operation. A recovery period of up to two weeks can be necessary, contingent on the degree of liposuction. During your consultation, our cosmetic surgeon will review what to anticipate from the procedure and the healing period.

Why Choose Image Clinic?

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