Corn and Calluses treatment

Are you dealing with diabetes, high sugar or chronic dried blood issues? If you are struggling with these problems, hard, thickened patches of skin called corns and calluses develop frequently. Therefore, occurring calluses and corns serve to shield the skin beneath them. In this situation, you must connect with a dermatologist’s advice who is renowned and experienced for giving years of services.
Image Clinic in Salt Lake, Kolkata, is the bright name in this genre that has treated and cured these issues for years. Check what our dermatologists say about this and how we can offer you top-notch services that cure your problems from the root.

A light to Callus and Corn Problems

A callus: what is it?
A callus is a thickened area of skin resulting from pressure, friction, or irritation. Though calluses can also occur on the hands, elbows, or knees, they usually occur on the feet.
Typically, they don’t hurt all that much. However, pressure from walking in shoes can cause a callus on the foot to become painful.
Calluses have a pale or yellowish tint. Although the skin around the affected area may be less sensitive to touch than the surrounding skin, the affected area feels lumpy to the touch.
What’s corn?
Corn is a dead skin-based type of callus.
Toe corn is highly prevalent. Since these are hairless, smooth skin surfaces, they are a reliable source. Typically, the corns are round, tiny, and have a distinct, firm or soft center.
Hard corns are often small. They appear in hard, firm skin areas, callused or thicker skin areas, and bony parts of the foot.
Soft corns are typically rubbery-textured and whitish in appearance. They can hurt a person in addition to appearing like an open sore. They most frequently occur in areas of sweaty, damp skin between the toes.

What We Do

Removing extra skin by trimming
Our healthcare professional can use a scalpel to cut out considerable corn or pare down thicker skin. This can be completed during an office visit. You could get infected if you attempt this on your own.

Patches with medication
Additionally, our doctor might administer a 40% salicylic acid patch (Clear Away, MediPlast, etc.). Prescriptions are not needed to purchase these patches. Your healthcare professional will communicate the frequency of patch replacement to you. Before placing a fresh patch, use an emery board, pumice stone, or nail file to thin the thickened skin.

Insoles for shoes
Our doctor may recommend orthotics, specially constructed padded shoe inserts, if you have an underlying foot abnormality to prevent recurrent corns or calluses.

Our physician might advise surgery to realign a bone that is generating friction. There is no need to stay overnight in the hospital to perform this operation.

Why Choose Image Clinic?

Calluses and Corns are not issues that you can easily remove with some quick remedies. You must consult with the best dermatologists to get rid of them permanently. In this case, Image Clinic’s dermatologists are the top choice when you are looking for expert treatment. There are many reasons to choose us, but look at the top ones here.

  • We carefully investigate the issue area first and then let you know how many treatment steps will be needed to permanently remove the issue.
  • We never prompt any unnecessary treatment or removal process to our patients.
  • We never prescribe unnecessary medicines that can cause no effects on the treatment section.
  • We understand the patient’s concerns about their skin; therefore, we never use any treatment option that can cause side effects later.
  • We also recommend some home remedies post-treatment that can be beneficial for the patient to stop the rise of the issue in the future.

So, don’t be late if you have been struggling with Calluses and Corns for a long time. We can treat your issue to the best of our ability to give your original skin shine.
Shine with your real skin!

Shine with your real skin!