Ingrown Toe Nails Treatment

Our body has several issues apart from its positive sides. One of those issues is ingrown toenails, a typical one. Many of us often ignore this issue, but it should not be overlooked as it can cause enormous problems, including nail cancer, in the future if untreated for years.
So, if you have it, this is the time to check it with a dermatologist. This issue can often cause several ingrown problems and indicate many unknown diseases. Thus, Image Clinic has dermatologists who are widely experienced in treating these issues with popularity for many years.
Image Clinic has a separate surgery section to treat this genre’s devastating cases. Check the cause of this issue first.

Why do toenails grow inward?

Numerous factors can lead to ingrown toenails. But as per Image Clinic’s dermatologists, these could consist of:

  • Improperly filed toenails. Your toenail may grow into your skin if it is excessively short or rounded.
  • Inappropriately sized footwear.
  • Ripping off a piece of your nail.
  • Trauma to the toe, as being trodden on or banged up.
  • The form of your toes. For example, if your nail is longer than your toe or if the tissue around your nail naturally extends into the nail border.

What is the appearance of an ingrown toenail?
If you are new to this issue, you may find the skin around your nail bed is where an ingrown toenail grows. You might notice some swelling and redness in the vicinity of your toe.

Image Clinic’s Curated Procedures to Treat Ingrown Toenails
Stop doing home remedies when you find your ingrown toenails are causing pus and pain. Image Clinic has several treatment options to stop it within a certain time.

Removing the nail
Our healthcare professional may gently raise the ingrowing nail edge for a little ingrown nail and place cotton, dental floss, or a splint under it. This helps the nail develop above the skin’s edge and isolates it from the surrounding skin, which normally takes two to twelve weeks. You’ll need to wet the toe and change the material every day at home. In addition, our doctor may advise applying a corticosteroid lotion after soaking.

Securing the nail with tape
Using tape, our healthcare practitioner removes the skin from the ingrown nail.

Covering the nail with a gutter splint
This procedure involves numbing the toe and inserting a thin slit tube beneath the embedded nail by our dermatologists. Until the nail grows past the edge of the skin, this splint remains in place. This technique also helps to lessen ingrown nail pain.

Taking off a portion of the nail
Our healthcare professional may numb the toe and trim or remove the ingrown nail if the ingrown toenail is more severe (inflamed skin, discomfort, and pus). Your toenail may take two to four months to regrow.

Removing the tissue and nail
Our doctor could advise shaving off a section of your nail and the underlying tissue (nail bed) if the issue occurs on the same toe regularly. This process can stop the nail from growing back in that area. Our physician will use a chemical, a laser, or other techniques to numb the toe.

Home therapy Tips from Image Clinic for small ingrown toenails

One way to treat an ingrown toenail is to remove the nail from the surrounding skin by putting cotton under the nail’s edge. This promotes nail growth above the skin’s surface.
You can take an analgesic as needed following a nail removal surgery. Until the swelling has decreased, apply a wet compress for a few minutes every day for a few days. It could be helpful for 12 to 24 hours and for elevating and resting the toe. When you start moving about again, avoid activities that could cause you toe pain, and wait to swim or use a hot tub until your doctor gives the all-clear. The day following surgery, it is OK to shower. Consult your physician if the toe isn’t healing.

Why Choose Image Clinic?

You can try the mentioned home remedies if you have small ingrown toenails, but those are ineffective for the big ones. You must not take a risk to remove or do something else to it as it may harm that section or cause several injuries that may bring infections, too.
Choosing an Image Clinic in this genre can give you peace of mind that you are in expert hands. We also take the utmost care of all our patients until the issue is fully cured. Moreover, you don’t need to pay extra charges after the treatment process; Image Clinic has a 15-day reporting process that is free of cost or at least charge.

So, Meet clean Feet from now on!