Removal of Acne Scars in Kolkata

Acne scars are frustrating and we know that. It affects us diabolically. But, the good news is acne scars can be removed now easily with the help of advancement in skin treatments and it’s easy availability in Kolkata. For effective and less painful acne scars treatment in Kolkata, visit our clinic.

Best treatments we provide for the removal of acne scars in Kolkata

Steroid injection

It is a treatment specially used for raised scars. Injecting steroids into the scarred area makes the skin smoother and improves the way it looks.

Soft tissue fillers

Tissue fillers are basically about injecting collagen under the skin so that the scars look unnoticeable. As a result, you can cover up the scarred flaw without much hassle or effort.

Laser resurfacing

This is the new and increasingly popular treatment among our patients. Laser resurfacing involves fewer risks and side effects. It is an almost painless process of removal of scars.

Chemical peels

This treatment involves the application of a chemical solution which the doctor peels off when it dries out. With this, the top layer of the scarred skin area gets off and the appearance of the scars is minimized.


When you find no solution at all, or when your scars are too stubborn to disappear using any other methods, surgery is what we recommend.

But no need to get scared! At Image Clinic, we have the most experienced surgeons and dermatologists who know how to treat your skin right.

Acne scars treatment in Kolkata using the most popular and effective method – LASER

The laser provides the most popular, effective, and sustainable acne scar treatment. But, before you go for a laser, consult a doctor and confirm whether your skin needs laser treatment. And if yes, then let him choose the type of laser treatment for you according to the type of scar. We follow these easy yet essential steps before our patients start their therapy sessions.

Here at Image clinic, the experienced dermatologists examine your skin and make you understand the type of acne scar you have – boxcar, ice pick, rolling, etc. Based on the examination they decide which laser therapy will help your acne scars the best.

Ablative, non-ablative, or fractionated – no matter what kind of treatment you need, Image Clinic assures the best removal of acne scars in Kolkata, in every aspect.

Image Clinic – the best place for the removal of acne scars in Kolkata

We are the best because we offer the most effective laser treatment for acne scars at the most affordable cost in India, and of course in Kolkata.

Several factors decide the cost of laser treatment. The cause and severity of the scar condition, skin type, size of the area that’s targeted for treatment, kind of treatment, and how many sessions you require for the same.

Apart from these, there can occur many other circumstances based on which the cost may vary. In general, removal of acne scars in Kolkata’s most reputed clinic – Image Clinic costs around 2000 INR to 3000 INR per session. However, CO2 Laser treatment cost is a little higher in Kolkata.

Our doctors will make sure you pay not a single penny extra. Hence, they determine the type of laser therapy and the number of sessions required before the treatment starts for complete acne scars treatment in kolkata.

Therefore, when the treatment starts, you have complete peace of mind knowing we won’t add on any extra charges during the process.
Overall acne scar removal treatment cost in Kolkata is very much reasonable at our clinic.

What We Promise

We promise excellent treatment at a competitive price so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get your skin rejuvenated. And, we promise you clean, glowing skin without a trace of your old acne scars. Results guaranteed.

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