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10 Orthodontics Treatment in Kolkata To Improve Your Smile And Self Esteem

Smiling is one of the most important aspects of our face, but sometimes it goes out of shape. It’s no secret that the appearance of the teeth and gums can affect the self-confidence of an individual.


If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, you may feel self-conscious about showing them off to others. Orthodontics is an effective way to improve your smile and self-esteem by turning your teeth into some of the best features of your personality.


In this write-up, we will discuss the list of 10 orthodontics treatments that will change the way you look at yourself.


Types Of Orthodontist Treatment For A Perfect Smile


If you’re struggling with your smile, you should at least consider getting orthodontic treatment. This can improve your self-esteem, and dentition and give you a healthy body image.


#1. Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are used to help patients align their teeth more properly. They are a type of orthodontic treatment in which the alignment of the teeth is adjusted by moving them into proper positions. This can be done through the use of clear aligners, which are clear plastic mouthguards that are worn over teeth to change their position and correct an issue with your bite.


#2. Metal Braces


Metal braces, also known as Aligners, are a popular treatment for adults who need more support than traditional clear aligners. Metal braces are made from high-quality steel and come in several types and colors.

The metal wires are placed into the teeth to hold them in place. Metal braces are also known as “extractions” or “protrusions,” as they go directly into the jawbone.

#3. Retainers


Retainers are a great way to preserve your smile and prevent future damage to your teeth. They can be made of porcelain, metal, or composite materials. Retainers are designed to help maintain the shape and alignment of the teeth in the area around the smile line. You can choose between fixed retainers and removable retainers.


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#4. Space maintainers


Space maintainers are an orthodontic tool used to correct the crowding and spacing issues in the upper central incisors. These are usually done with a metal wire that is attached to the brackets. The space maintainer rests on top of the teeth and helps align them into proper alignment. Space maintainers can be used for a single tooth or multiple teeth.

#5. Expanders


Expanders are used to expand the palate. This Orthodontic Treatment in Kolkata involves straightening the teeth and correcting their alignment, then placing an expander on each tooth. Expanders are made of acrylic and are custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth.


At our orthodontic clinic, our professionals will determine which type of expander is needed for each child depending on their case. We’re committed to providing the highest level of dental care and customer service.


#6. Lip/Cheek Bumper


In orthodontic treatment, lip and cheek bumpers are used to straighten the teeth and prevent forward crowding of the teeth. The lips are usually shaved down to a thin layer of skin. The temporary brackets that hold the tooth in place during orthodontic treatment are then attached to the cheek bumps.


#7. Arch Wires


Arch wires are metal wires that help move teeth toward the desired position. They are placed in the arch-wire grooves of teeth to gently stretch them into place. They are also used for tooth movement that is too strong or too weak.


Arch wires can be used in combination with braces to move teeth toward a particular goal. For example, if you want your upper front teeth to come together, then your lower back teeth will retract. It will help move your upper front teeth closer together and your lower back teeth farther apart.


#8. Special Fixed Appliances


Special fixed appliances are used to stabilize the teeth, jaws, and gums during orthodontic treatment. They are used to correct malocclusion problems, such as crossbite, open bite, and crowded teeth.


Fixed appliances can be made from metal or plastic and come in many different shapes and sizes. Fixed appliances are custom-made to fit your child’s mouth and teeth, so they are very comfortable for your child.


#9. Oral Splints


Oral splints are used to align the teeth in the upper and lower jaw. They are custom-made to fit each patient’s mouth, and they are easy to use. The splint is placed on the top or bottom teeth to move them into a more ideal position.


Oral splints are most often used for children who have worn eyeglasses since an early age and have not grown properly. The diet of these children is often very poor, causing the teeth to wear down prematurely. Oral surgery may be necessary to remove the worn-down tooth or teeth so that the jaw can be reshaped and aligned properly.


#10. Serial Extraction


Serial extraction is a process that involves the removal of multiple teeth at one time. This method is typically used for patients who have had a previous complete denture or partial denture and are looking to replace their missing teeth with implants.

It involves removing the first tooth and then placing it in a temporary dental implant post. Once this tooth has healed, it will be replaced with a permanent dental implant. The process can take anywhere from six months up to two years depending on which type of implant you choose to use.


Final Verdict


Orthodontic treatment is a great way to move your teeth and mouth into the ideal position for optimal health and aesthetics. However, these treatments can be expensive and you must choose the best orthodontist in Kolkata Near Me. The procedure may be done in combination with other procedures such as an Invisalign treatment or a reverse palatal expander.

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