PRP Treatment for Hair

PRP treatment for hair is a three-phased medical treatment, in which one’s blood is drawn, processed and injected into the scalp to trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by improving blood supply to the fair follicle for uplifting hair shaft thickness. Platelet-rich plasma injection is injected into the scalp where hair thinning is present and it increases blood supply to the hair follicle and triggers natural hair growth. 

PRP treatment is most suitable for those who want non-surgical treatment with realistic expectations. PRP treatment in Kolkata is a new and effective approach in hair treatment.

Process of PRP treatment for hair:

At Image Clinic, PRP treatment in Kolkata is done in following steps:

  • Dermatologists draw blood from your arm, and put into a centrifuge.
  • Centrifuge spins rapidly and separates the components of the blood.
  • Platelet-rich plasma is extracted using a syringe.
  • PRP is injected into the targeted area of the scalp.

Image Clinic provides you a wide range of hair treatment including PRP treatment in Kolkata. Book a free consultation now and know more about the best hair treatment near you.

Benefits of PRP treatment for hair:

PRP treatment is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss. Benefits of PRP treatment includes:

  • Painless and effective
  • Rapid process
  • Zero downtime
  • Multiple targeted area
  • Increases blood supply to the follicle.

Expert dermatologist and skin therapists in Kolkata make sure that you have an excellent experience during the whole time and you get the satisfactory result you have ever hoped for and relish in your rejuvenated young beauty. Our doctors are experienced and trained to ensure safety to the highest extent. Whatever questions and complaints you may have during or before the start of treatment we are always ready with a solution to ensure you have a safe ride during the whole time.