Best Tattoo Removal in Kolkata

Are you not happy with the tattoo you’ve got? Have there been changes in your plans? Do you feel the tattoo is coming in between your career goals? Then you have arrived at the right place. Your search for ‘best tattoo removal near me’ ends here. We provide the most effective and safest tattoo removal service in Kolkata.

When you finally decide to remove the ink, just get in touch with us. We will take care of the rest.

Can I find a painless Laser tattoo removal near me?

To speak the truth, laser tattoo removal is not an entirely painless procedure. There is a feeling of rubber-band snapping against your skin, as shared by our patients. So, we don’t make a false promise of free-of-pain service. But what we can certainly assure is ease and comfort.

So, you can find an almost painless laser tattoo removal service with us. We don’t guarantee ZERO pain, but we do pledge 100% convenience and safety.

You must understand each person has a different pain threshold and accordingly they react. And that’s why what is painful to you may not be so to another. Hence, we make sure when you are at Image Clinic, you are comfortable enough to go through the process.

The finest laser tattoo removal near me

When you lookup for the most efficient laser tattoo removal near me in Kolkata, you are sure to find Image Clinic as one of the best places. But, what do you get when you come here for laser tattoo removal?


We have expert doctors who can treat any skin type and any complicated ink design on your skin flawlessly.


We use the most advanced laser treatment technology to ensure perfection with each tattoo removal session.

No Rush

We don’t hurry to finish one patient so that we can treat more in one day, just for the sake of better business.

We treat each session patiently. At the time of consultation, we tell you how many sessions you’ll require and how long each session will take.

Total Removal

From the very first session, you will notice the tattoo going visibly fade. And with each sitting, you will get prominent results to assure you about the final vanishing of the ink.

After Removal Treatment

Not just the pre-removal assistance, we provide post-procedure service too, so that you can take care of your skin better and help it heal faster.

Is the tattoo removal clinic near me affordable?

Yes, Image Clinic is affordable and cost-effective.

We make sure everyone who thinks the last tattoo they got was a mistake can avail our service. Therefore, our charges per sitting are very much within budget.

You surely understand that the tattoo size, skin type, colour variations, design complexity, age of a tattoo, and depth and density of the design play major roles in deciding the price. But we assure a reasonable rate always.

Book your consultation and know more from our representative in detail.

Should I rely on the laser tattoo removal clinic near me?


The answer to the very common question ‘how to remove a permanent tattoo’ is very simple. You can do it by going for a permanent tattoo removal procedure available at our clinic.

We recommend laser tattoo removal for the best results. Do not take a chance with your skin by using some tattoo removal cream you found online. Rely on us for safe tattoo removal, without getting your skin damaged.

Feel free to get in touch with our skin specialist in kolkata when you have tattoo removal in mind.

Get clear skin in the nick of time and move ahead with your life. No looking back just because of that ink! Book your consultation today.