Corn and Calluses treatment

It removes thick and hardened skin layers from feet. Dermatologists at Image Clinic India will examine your feet and find out the real problems and reasons. 

Corn and Calluses can be painful so proper therapy is required to cure it. In the treatment of Corn and calluses, the excess skin is trimmed with a large scalpel, thus the thickness is reduced.

Get Corn And Calluses Treatment:

To prevent corn and calluses, special custom shoes will be provided to you. If needed to do surgery then surgery is performed.

Expert Dermatologist and skin therapists in Kolkata make sure that you have an excellent experience during the whole time and you get the satisfactory result you have ever hoped for and relish in  your rejuvenated young beauty. Our  Dermatologist are experienced and trained to ensure safety to the highest extent. 

Whatever question and complaints you may have during or before the start of treatment we are always ready with a solution to ensure you have a safe ride during the whole time.