Foot Care And Heel Fissures Treatment

Extremely dry skin causes heel fissures on the bottom of the heel, which can be painful to walk and sometimes bleeds. Sometimes it can cause bacterial infections in your heel if not treated well. Image Clinic provides you the best foot care and heel fissures treatment near you. For your foot care and heel fissures treatment, first dryness is treated and then to keep feet safe from bacterial infection further precautions are assured at the Image clinic India.

Image Clinic provides you a wide range of skin therapy including foot care and heel fissures in Kolkata. Book a free consultation now now and know more about the best eyebrow therapy for you.

Some main benefits of foot care and heel fissures includes:
  • Good looking feet
  • Heel fissure therapy
  • Feet infection therapy
  • Wound mark therapy

Expert Dermatologist and skin therapists in Kolkata make sure that you have an excellent experience during the whole time and you get the satisfactory result you have ever hoped for and relish in  your rejuvenated young beauty. Our  doctors are experienced and trained to ensure safety to the highest extent. Whatever question and complaints you may have during or before the start of treatment we are always ready with a solution to ensure you have a safe ride during the whole time.