Extractions or Surgical Extraction of Impacted Teeth

This is done for alleviating pressure, lessening gum sensitivity, and relieving teeth sensitivity. Extractions or surgical extraction of impacted teeth is required in the following conditions:

Infection, orthodontic complications, neurological symptoms, fracture of the jaw, and excessive tooth decay.

Extractions or surgical extraction of impacted teeth is performed by an expert dentist at Image Clinic India in Kolkata under general, intravenous anesthesia. In the process of Surgical extraction removing teeth is a simple extraction but the teeth that are broken in that case a more involved procedure is required.

Benefits of Extractions or surgical extraction of impacted teeth:

In the surgical extraction process in Kolkata, you will get local and intravenous Anesthesia according to your medical condition. Dentists will cut your tooth or bone around your tooth according to the surgical need. 

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