Nano fractional laser treatment

Fractional laser treatment was discovered to shorten the recovery time  and reduce the side effects risk. It has been remarkably helpful in treating acne scars skin damage due to acne uneven skin texture, open pores, fine lines and Mrs. facial discomforts. Not only that it also please uneven tone and improves your complexion in case you are sunburnt


Nano Fractional laser treatment or Fraxel in most cases it is not painful at all my sensation can be felt by some people with sensitive skin.


But don’t you worry about that at all as our medical staff and therapist take care of every precaution that is needed and in this case they apply a topical anesthetic cream before the process starts and use a Zimmer device that blows cool air to soothe your nerve endings.


The benefits of Nano Fractional Laser Treatment / Fraxel

The laser resurfaces skin, as a result tightening and firming it that leads to the increase of natural collagen production . 


If there’s one thing that leaves a lot of damage on the face , it’s adult acne . 

Bigger in size and deeper in roots, it not only leaves permanent scars but also damages the cells leaving deep scars and uneven texture on the skin . 


But worry not, our Nano fractional laser treatments are safe, effective and affordable . 


All you have to do is get your appointment and expect the best. It’s our job to deliver you the best experience and best results all the while making sure of your safety