Baldness/Hair loss RX treatment

It improves hair density to restore your confidence. Hair plays a vital role in someone’s personality and confidence. Losing hair in early days is heart wrenching for anyone. But don’t worry, regrowing new hair and stop hair fall, baldness/hair loss RX treatment is now possible at Image Clinic in Kolkata.

Many claims to bring back your hair through various unheard means(like oil, medicines, serums, etc) but in the end all of it have proven un effective. Image Clinic India at Kolkata does not claim, but creates hair-full heads. For different kinds of patients and different kinds of hair diseases we cure it by using Medication, Mesotherapy to Hair Transplant. 

In the RX hair treatment, essential meds (Consisting protein and vitamins) are given to the patients at Image Clinic India. Image Clinic India provides you a wide range of hair treatment including Hair loss RX treatment in Kolkata. Book a free consultation now and know more about the best eyebrow therapy for you.

Benefits of Baldness/Hair loss RX Treatment:

  • Reduce Hair Falls
  • Regrow new hairs
  • Easy and effective
  • Non-surgical
  • Not painful

Expert Dermatologist and skin therapists in Kolkata make sure that you have an excellent experience during the whole time and you get the satisfactory result you have ever hoped for and relish in your rejuvenated young beauty. Our doctors are experienced and trained to ensure safety to the highest extent. Whatever questions and complaints you may have during or before the start of treatment we are always ready with a solution to ensure you have a safe ride during the whole time.