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Are you looking for a multi-speciality dental clinic? Do you want to transform the way you smile? Image Clinic – the best dental clinic in Kolkata has all the solutions. 

We redefine dentistry with the help of an impressive line of qualified and experienced professionals, and the latest and finest possible treatments. 

The best dental clinic in Kolkata delivers a world-class dental treatment experience that assures superior quality and guaranteed results. 

Image Clinic – The Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata

We are on a mission to exceed the expectations of our patients by providing them with an improvised and extraordinary oral care experience. We build the relationship of trust and loyalty with each patient by providing them with the desired results. 

Our dentistry involves a wide variety of treatments. We are here to provide proper diagnosis, cure and prevention methods for different dental and gum conditions that affect your oral health as well as aesthetical aspects of your face (jaw-line and smile). 

As the best dental clinic in Kolkata, we maintain your oral hygiene in the best way and at surprisingly affordable rates. And that’s the reason we are known as the best dental clinic in South Kolkata. 

Find the Best Dental Surgeons in Kolkata at Image Clinic

We specialize in treating several oral diseases and defects that disturb the aesthetics of your jawline and face. Surgical extraction of impacted teeth is done for alleviating pressure, relieving sensitivity in teeth and gum and curing the infection, neurological symptoms, excessive tooth decay, jaw fracture, etc. 

Expert dental surgeons provide extraordinary care and excellent treatment when it comes to getting dental surgery done at the best dental clinic in Kolkata. 

Apart from this oral and Maxilo-facial surgery dental extraction and complicated surgeries, Image Clinic also offers a wide range of dental treatments that include the following –

Image Clinic, a multi-speciality clinic aims at becoming the most innovative and progressive (in terms of equipment, surgical methods and treatment facilities) dental clinic in Kolkata. 

We already have the most experienced and skilled professionals and the best cosmetic dentists in Kolkata providing the most effective dental care with all their dedication and passion. They are constantly on the move to improve your dental health and help you smile in a better way. 

Why We Are the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata?

  • A line of the finest dentists in the city who serve you with utmost care and compassion
  • Most advanced and superior quality of dental/surgical equipment to provide the best care
  • Excellent infrastructure that focuses on the comfort and convenience of our patients
  • Availability of almost all forms of dental care under one roof, making oral health care easy and useful
  • Specialization in oral and maxilo-facial surgery, and a special focus on treatments with braces
  • Facial injury repairs with plating and wiring of the jaws using the most advanced medical techniques
  • All your dental aesthetics needs are covered with the assurance of definite results and exceptional experience 
  • Well-behaved, experienced and skilled staff who willingly help you out at every step of your treatment at Image Clinic
  • Offering a better lifestyle with assured oral health improvement and a greater and broader smile

Quality treatment at affordable rates, so that oral health maintenance is obtainable for all!

Best Dental Clinic Near Me

Image Clinic is where your search for the best dental clinic in Kolkata ends. With the best treatments and expert oral health guidance, Image Clinic successfully corrects the aesthetical flaws. We recommend the best treatments according to your oral health condition and make sure you receive an effective cure.

When you look for the best dental clinic near me, look no further and connect with the dentists of Image Clinic. 

A confident smile is what you wear with Image Clinic by your side! Book a free consultation today.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers, Crown lengthening, Gum De-pigmentation, Instant Teeth Whitening, Recontouring of Teeth, Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns. We are best dental clinic Kolkata, contact us to know more. Click The Icon To Read More.

Dental Implants

These are surgical fixtures placed in the jawbone, by which bone is preserved and deterioration of facial structure is prevented further by improving appearance. Click The Icon To Read More.

Painless Root Canal Treatment

This technique elicits avoiding the root canal altogether to seal the exposed nerves with newly advanced adhesives. The whole procedure occurs under the general anaesthesia which makes the tooth numb and painless. Click The Icon To Read More.

Orthodontic Treatment

It manages diagnosis, misaligned bite pattern, correction and prevention of mal-positioned teeth and jaws modifying facial growth. The best time for orthodontic treatment is childhood, but adults also can have orthodontic treatment. ClickThe Icon To Read More.

Extractions / Surgical Extraction of Impacted Teeth

This is done for alleviating pressure, lessening gum sensitivity, and relieving teeth sensitivity. Tooth extraction is required in the following conditions: Infection. We are the best dental clinic Kolkata, contact us to know more about our services. Click The Icon To Read More.

Periodontal Surgeries / Gum Surgeries

This process is done to maintain signs of periodontal disease action for stopping progressive bone loss, regenerating lost bone where possible, preventing tooth loss, bleeding gums, the gap between teeth, and bad breath to restore periodontal health. Click The Icon To Read More.

Professional Cleanup

It includes teeth scaling and polishing and debridement if major tartar has accumulated. Home cleanup is not always enough for the tooth to look shiner and clean. Sometimes Professional cleanup is needed for your tooth. Click The Icon To Read More.

Child Dental Care

Provide all dental hygiene and take care of the oral health of kids. Health care of child dental is necessary, for the better dental life of children. Poor oral care for your children can lead to infection and other dental problems. We are the best dental clinic Kolkata, contact us to know more. Click The Icon To Read More.