Skin Fillers

Dental filler or skin fillers are cosmetic gel substance that is injected into your skin to improve volume, treat fine lines and wrinkles and enhance facial contour.


The common skin filler is hyaluronic acid which is known for catalysing natural collagen and elastin production. Some dermal fillers are effective for short spans like 6months to a year, some longer that goes around 2-5 years . 


Skin filler injections are invasive with the minimally invasive procedure and thus, minimal downtime.


Depending on how long you want it for, different formulas are used. In the case of hyaluronic acid, it needs retouching from time to time but it’s safest as it is instantly reversible if you don’t like the ultimate results and highly recommended by us.

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These skin filler treatments are one of the safest and as natural as they come measure for skin rejuvenating and fighting off wrinkles.

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