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A Guide to Tailoring Treatments to Your Hair Type

Have you ever stared longingly at celebrities with those luscious, bouncy locks and wondered, “What is the secret to their amazing hair?

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Just like snowflakes, our hair is unique, with its own texture, needs, and quirks.

Here in this blog, we are going to unveil the different hair types and know the perfect treatment to bring out your hair’s natural brilliance. 

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Understanding Your Hair Type 

Type 1 

Straight Hair 

Oily, lifeless, greasy and boring  – are the various adjectives used to describe type 1 hair. Type 1 hair has many variations, and these can be divided into three sub-types, each with distinct characteristics:

  • 1A: This is the rarest and straightest hair type. It’s incredibly fine and soft and may lack volume and struggle to hold a curl. 
  • 1B: This is the most common hair texture from the type 1 family. This hair type is still very straight but has a hint of subtle wave or bend, especially towards the ends. It’s generally thicker than Type 1A and offers more styling versatility.
  • 1C: This straight hair type is thicker and has more body and texture.

How To Care For Type 1 Hair?

Straight hair thrives on the right routine, gentle care and embracing texture! Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and condition based on your hair’s thickness. Fine hair loves lightweight products, while thicker hair can handle richer formulas. Use anti-frizz serums and leave-in conditioners to combat frizz. Heat styling is okay, but make sure to protect your hair with a heat protectant. Take on your natural texture with sleek blowouts, beachy waves, braids, or updos!

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Type 2

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair, also known as Type 2 hair, is a beautiful blend of straight and curly. This hair type is characterized by those enviable S-shaped waves that can range from loose and relaxed to more defined and bouncy. While wavy hair often lacks the tight coils of curly hair, it possesses its own set of quirks and requires specific care to truly flourish.

Again, there are many variations of type 2 hair, and they can be categorized into three sub-parts 

  • 2A: This type 2 hair is a little bit wavier than straight hair. Most of the time, this hair will appear straight until wet or styled.
  • 2B: This hair type has more defined waves compared to 2A. 2B features well-defined S-shaped waves that start from mid-shaft or lower. It has more volume and texture than 2A.
  • 2C: Compared to 2A and 2B hair types, 2C appears to be curlier but they are still a wave. It’s the thickest and coarsest of the wavy subtypes and can be prone to frizz.

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How To Care For Type 2 Hair?

Wavy hair craves hydration! Wash with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and a rich conditioner.  Embrace the “squish to condish” method for ultimate hydration. Fight frizz with leave-in conditioners or curl creams. Don’t use a rough towel for drying your hair, and if possible, use a diffuser attachment to enjoy frizz-free waves. To enjoy the beauty of waves, use a blow dryer. Try to encourage clumps and boost volume. 

Type 3

Curly Hair 

Type 3 hair is a land of glorious curls. The hairstyles range from loose, bouncy rings to tight, springy spirals. It can be further subdivided into 3 categories:

  • 3A:  This subtype has large, loose curls in an “S” shape. The hair tends to be fine to medium in texture and may lack volume at the roots.
  • 3B: These curls are tighter than type 3A and its texture texture can range from medium to coarse.3B hair type strikes a balance between volume and definition and is the coolest hair in type 3.
  • 3C: This subtype showcases the tightest curls of the type 3 hair family. It resembles springs or coils and has the circumference of a pencil.

How To Care For Type 3 Hair?

Moisture is the king for taming your bouncy curls! Use gentle, sulfate-free products and deep condition regularly. Also, consider co-washing. Define those curls with precision and fight frizz with leave-in conditioners and styling creams. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel. Since your curls are prone to freeze, avoid blow dryers. Prefer air drying. Try the “Denman brush technique”, or just go with normal braids and twists. With Type 3 hair, remember patience is key!

Type 4

Coily Hair 

Type 4 hair is also known as kinky or coarse hair, and it is the driest and coarsest hair type. Characterized by its tight coils and intricate curl patterns, type 4 has unique texture and volume. The type 4 family can be categorized into 3 subcategories:

  • 4A: It is denoted by a head full of miniature curls and resembles tight S-bends.The hair tends to be fine to medium in texture and can be prone to shrinkage.
  • 4B:  Featuring densely packed, tiny coils that resemble Z-shapes, Type 4B hair has a coarse texture and high level of shrinkage.
  • 4C: This hair pattern is very irregular and showcases the tightest coils of the Type 4 family. There is no distinct curl pattern in this hair type, and it is typically very coarse and dense.

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How To Care For Type 4 Hair?

For Type 4 (coily hair), dryness is the number one enemy. Always use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo,  no matter the hair type. But type 4 hair demands creamy conditioner specifically formulated for coily hair. Deep condition regularly! The LOC ((Leave in conditioner, followed by jojoba oil or argan oil and finish off with a cream) method is the perfect treatment for your hair type. Use wide-tooth combs and sleep on satin or silk pillowcases. Air-dry your hair. Diffuse on low heat if needed, but minimize heat styling.

Wrapping Up

Embrace the uniqueness of your hair and learn how to take care of your hair from the best doctor for hair treatment in Kolkata.

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