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Image Clinic: Best Tattoo Removal Near Me

Tattoo Removal Near Me: Regret getting a permanent tattoo? You are not alone! Almost half of the millennials have at least one tattoo, and 25% are not happy with their decision.

The good news is: Permanent tattoos are not permanent anymore! Image Clinic has the best and quickest solution for permanent tattoo removal.

Being one of the best tattoo removal in Kolkata, Image Clinic uses the moist effective and safest laser technology in the industry to help you offload your tattoo with ease and no pain. Our dermatologists use FDA-approved laser technology that can help lighten your unwanted tattoo with no side effects.

Is permanent tattoo removal painful?

Each patient’s pain threshold is different, so what may appear painful for one may not be painful for another individual.

To give you an idea of the sensation, it feels like snapping a rubber band against the skin.

However, at Image Clinic, using our advanced technology, we ensure that you get a comfortable treatment with a painless experience.

How does laser permanent tattoo removal at Image Clinic work?

At Image Clinic, the best tattoo removal near meour expert dermatologists work by breaking and emulsifying the tattoo ink trapped in the deepest layer of the skin.

The laser light applied by our dermatologist heats up and scatters the ink, which naturally and safely aspirates from the body. The laser first targets the shallowest layers of the ink before getting into the deepest layers.

Smaller areas require fewer pulses and larger areas require more pulses. Overall the treatment at the best tattoo removal near me, Image Clinic, is safe, effective, and doesn’t require much time to complete.

What is laser tattoo removal cost in Kolkata?

The cost of laser tattoo removal in Kolkata varies between Rs.1500 to Rs.5000 per session.

But if you want to get an affordable tattoo removal near mevisit Image Clinic today!

How long will it take for the removal of a permanent tattoo?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the age of the tattoo, the size, skin health, density, type of ink, etc.

During the consultation at the best tattoo removal near me, our dermatologist will examine your tattoo and give you an idea of how many sessions it will require.

On average, if you have a medium-sized tattoo, it takes 3 to 7 sessions, and as the size increases, the number of sessions also increases.

But the best part of all – once you get your 1st tattoo removal session from Image Clinic, you will see the results almost immediately.

Points to bear in mind before visiting Image Clinic – the best tattoo removal in Kolkata

Before you book your appointment with the dermatologists of the tattoo removal near me, you must bear these points in mind:

  • All tattoos are not the same. So the time, results, and the procedure may vary accordingly.
  • Getting rid of darker tattoos is less challenging compared to colourful tattoos.
  • Old tattoos are easier to remove compared to newly-inked ones because there is more ink to be removed from the skin.

If you have any other questions or queries, feel free to ask us. We are always on our toes to help you with the best and latest information.

Image Clinic – the best tattoo removal near me

There is nothing impossible for cosmetic procedures and surgeries. All you need is the guidance, knowledge, and support of the best dermatologists in Kolkata.

Leave all your worries behind and visit the best tattoo removal near me – Image Clinic today! Undoubtedly, we are one of the reputed medico-aesthetic clinics in Kolkata housing the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata.

So what are you waiting for? Call us to book your appointment with expert dermatologists today!