Removal Acne Scars

If you are losing confidence due to those stubborn acne marks and not being able to reach your full potential, it is time to choose an effective treatment for the removal of acne scars. For the best acne scars treatments in Kolkata, connect with the expert dermatologists here at Image Clinic.

Steps towards successful removal acne scars

At Image Clinic, you will first go through proper consultation with veteran doctors.

The dermatologists here will first have a look at your medical history to understand your habits, tolerance, etc. Then, they perform a thorough test of your skin. To decide the kind of acne scars treatment that will help your situation the best, understanding the skin type and the pattern of scars is very important.

After the tests and analysis of the skin requirements, the best remedy for your acne marks will be suggested. Sometimes, the treatment involves oral medication and topical application of ointments or creams. We suggest laser treatment for acne scars only if it is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, you can rely on us with your skin treatment. Jumping to laser treatment the moment you mention acne marks is not our thing. We make sure the best treatment is advised – oral, chemical, topical, laser– according to your needs.

Permanent removal of acne scars

Patients often ask if the acne marks treatments are permanent solutions. They wonder ‘do acne scars go away forever?’ The answer to this is ‘yes if the procedure is right and performed correctly’.

When an expert skin specialist takes care of your acne marks, the results are likely to be permanent. However, you may need few more treatment sessions in future to cease the re-appearance of the scars.

We make sure you don’t keep visiting us with unsolved skin issues. Therefore, we provide permanent solutions to all your skin related problems, including acne scars treatments. But, in case the scars are too stubborn and severe in nature, you may have to opt for additional treatment sessions.

How long does it take for acne scars to fade?

You will get visible results almost instantly. First, the specialists consult you and let you know how many sittings you need for the treatment to finish perfectly.

Then, with each session, you will see the scars fading away, a little bit every time. When the sessions are complete, we recommend a proper skincare routine to help the treatment make the right impact on your skin.

It means, you get satisfying results after 2-3 sessions and the full effect is visible when the treatment ends. Of course, you must follow the skincare regime as guided by our specialists. And when you do that, you’ll see the scars vanished in no time.

Just go for all the sessions and do not rush to get the acne marks off of your skin. Good things take time, don’t they?

Why choose Image clinic?

Because the best kind of laser treatment for acne scars is available only here in Kolkata. Best medical practices, advanced methods, most effective laser procedures, experienced and proficient dermatologists, and most effective measures – all these make our clinic the best in the city.

Our special features include –

  • Reducing the severity of acne breakouts
  • Noticeable disappearance of the scars in first few sittings
  • Decrease the greasy texture of the skin
  • Lifting the fullness and radiance of the skin
  • Permanent solution at best competitive price
  • Safe and side-effect free treatment

Get in touch with us as soon as you decide to go for the removal of acne scars through laser or other procedural treatments. Book your appointment now.