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5 Less Known Factors that Affect Children’s Oral Health

When it comes to kids’ health, parents have a myriad of questions that they need answers to – just to ensure they provide the best care to their children.

And as most of the kids love candies, chocolates, and other sugary treats, parents want to know all the ways that ensure their loving kids don’t get cavities.

While brushing is one of the ways to ensure your child’s mouth is clean and healthy, there are many other lesser-known factors that play an important role in children’s oral health. 

Here are 5 essential things every parent should keep in mind to ensure better oral health for their children.

5 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind For The Better Oral Health Of Your Children

Drooling and hanging tongue can cause cavities

A child with a hanging tongue and drooling doesn’t always mean that he/she is teething. If a child’s teeth are fully out and they are still drooling, that means the muscles around the mouth are weak, and the tongue is covering over the bottom teeth. This mouth breathing can cause many health issues, including cavities, gingivitis, malocclusion, high palate, etc. Parents should train their children to close their mouths and place their tongues in the proper place to avoid this.

Breastfeeding at night is bad for teeth

Once the child reaches the age of one and starts having sugar and carbs in his/her diet, mothers should avoid breastfeeding their child at nighttime. Breast milk is really sweet, and along with carbs in the diet, a lot of bacteria can remain in the child’s mouth during the night and cause cavities.

If the child can’t write with a pen, he can’t brush too

Research has found that the hand motion used to hold a pen and write has a similar skill level as to brush correctly. Hence, if a child can’t write his name yet, it means he is just pulling and scrubbing instead of brushing his teeth at proper angles. So till they get skilled in hand motion, it’s recommended that the parents brush their teeth for proper cleaning and better hygiene. 

Always end a meal with fat or protein

Always try to give your children a snack on nuts, cheese, legumes, or meat after any meal to avoid cavities. If your kids consume sugary desserts after a meal, then sugar can remain on the teeth until the next meal and cause cavities.

Avoid cleaning the pacifier with your mouth

Even though parents generally assume that cleaning a pacifier with their own mouth removes the bacteria that are picked while on the floor. In reality, you are making it worse – and exposing your child’s health to both the bacteria present on the floor and in your mouth. These bacteria can cause a lot of dental diseases, including cavities, and have a bad effect on children’s oral health

Instead, prefer to clean all the soothers regularly with soap and water.

Get Your Child’s Dental Health Examined Today!

Most importantly, when the child reaches the age of one, or it’s been 6 months since the first tooth emerges, make sure to schedule an appointment with an expert pediatric dentist and begin their oral care at an early age.  

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