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Vital Skincare Tips from the Best Dermatologist in Kolkata

Best dermatologist in Kolkata: Healthy skin always reflects a healthy body. A glowing skin needs much of your care and effort. You will always have to give your utmost love and pamper to make it radiant. But do you think it’s the only external care that helps you get that shiny texture? Well obviously besides that you also need to concentrate on your lifestyle and food intake equally.

Above all, you need to consult the best dermatologist in Kolkata and follow their precious skincare tips religiously. So take a look at some of the tips penned below.

What are the useful skincare tips you can expect from the best dermatologist in Kolkata?

Sunscreen is a must

Do you know the acrid ultraviolet rays of the sun can ruin skin? Well quite known to all so as per the best dermatologist in Kolkata you should always stick to wearing sunscreen. Make sure to add waterproof sunscreen of SPF 30 or more than that to your repertoire. Reapplying it after every two hours keeps up the protective layer on the skin.

Applying it regularly followed by a mild moisturizer will protect the skin from premature ageing, skin cancer, and skin burns. Additionally, be certain about your skin type so that you can choose the sunscreen accordingly.

Everyday skin care routine is necessary

According to the best skin specialist in Kolkata, you need to be quite sure about the skincare regime you are following. Be strict with the care and never miss it for a day. Talking of the skincare routine, you should follow a regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine for sure. Like if you have a combination of sensitive skin then a mild cleanser will be just enough.

Talking about toner you should stick to any natural rose-based toner without any preservative or alcohol because that might irritate the skin. Coming to moisturizers, cling to oil-free ones to keep the pore clog-free. Well, the items will differ for the ones with normal or oily skin. Remember the routine would be the same for all skin types.

Don’t touch your skin now and then

Many of you have this habit of touching the skin, pricking acne. But do you know it is so unhealthy for your skin? The moment you are touching the skin with an unwashed hand you are imparting dirt to the skin. At the same time, when you are pricking the acne you are causing it to leave a scar. So just leave the skin as it is and let it stay healthy on its own.

Too many cosmetic products are bad

Whenever you have any skin problem instead of consulting a skin specialist doctor you keep on concealing that with too many cosmetic products. But do you know how much harm it can turn out? Cementing the skin with a layer of the product might destroy the skin texture especially if the epidermal layers get affected. So from next time no more dependency on too many cosmetic products rather stick to the basic ones.

Taking care of lips

It is also important to pay equal attention to your lips as well. Be sure to apply sunscreen-based lip balm whenever you step out. Also, apply lipstick that too with sunscreen protection to shield your lips from getting dark. Moreover, you can stick to the petroleum jelly in case your lips seem to get chapped or cracked.

  • Makeup removal is important

Using minimal makeup will not harm the skin. But yes if you keep the makeup for too long and get to sleep with that makeup on the skin then certainly it is alarming. The makeup on the skin will make it look stressed out and also the pores will remain clogged with dirt collected all day around. The worst is that it enhances free radicals. Also, you can get puffy eyes and bumps on the face. So no makeup and remove it with a mild cleanser or micellar water.

Final call

At Image Clinic, you will get a chance to meet the best dermatologist in Kolkata face to face. The dermatologist will evaluate your skin and will suggest the best tips customized for your skin. Book a free consultation now.