8 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Orthodontist in Kolkata

Choosing an orthodontist is a pretty big deal – whether you’re planning to use the services for yourself or your children. As with any other type of service, you want to make sure that you are getting the best treatment for the price that you can afford.

As an experienced person, you should always give yourself time to carefully consider the Best Orthodontist in Kolkata. Because straightening the teeth will take a longer period to complete – you need to make sure that you’re making the right choice.

In this write-up, we will discuss eight things that you need to consider for choosing the best orthodontist in Kolkata:

Experience and Qualification Of The Doctor

Not every orthodontist in Kolkata has years of experience or the best education that you’re looking for. It also requires a lot of technical abilities in the doctor’s role. So, you need to consider orthodontist doctors with a minimum of 4 -5 years of experience. 

The longer the orthodontist is providing treatment, and the more training they have, the better you can expect their services to be.


Orthodontist treatments can be more demanding than regular dental routines. With an orthodontist, you may need to visit the dental clinic to continue treatment and to monitor progress. This means you need to look for a dental clinic that’s close to your home – so that it will be easier for you to schedule your appointments as necessary.

Office Environment 

When looking for a dental clinic Kolkata, pay special attention to the environment and atmosphere of the office. 

Ask yourself:

  •  Does the office look clean?
  •  Are the instruments sterilized and properly covered?
  • Are they overbooking patients?

Look for a dental clinic where the staff are willing to treat you as a patient and not just a number.

Consultation Availability 

Most orthodontists offer consultation, but can come with an exorbitant price. So look for an orthodontist who offers low-cost or free consultation so that you can determine whether their treatment is worth your time and money or not.

This step will be especially useful if you are interviewing various orthodontist doctors to find out the best orthodontist in Kolkata for you.

Family -Friendly Professionals

You want to work with an orthodontist who takes the time to explain everything to you or your child. The doctor should be caring and must help you make informed decisions as to what to expect once the braces are installed.

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Types Of Treatments Offered 

Orthodontists offer a wide range of treatment options. So, you need to find an orthodontist that fits your specific needs and dental requirements. 

 While not every orthodontic option is right for all patients, you want to know that you have a choice and can explore which treatments best fit you and your lifestyle.

Reputation Of The Orthodontist 

Most patients don’t hold back when it comes to sharing their opinion of a doctor’s experience. Read online reviews and testimonials to see what patients are saying about their experience with the doctor. If possible, get in touch with them directly.

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