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Lip Filler Trends That Are Becoming Popular in 2024

The popularity of lip filler treatments is through the roof. As we approach 2024, lip fillers in Kolkata are leading the charge as the most popular non-invasive surgical procedure.

Whether you’re considering your first lip filler treatment or looking to update your current look, staying informed about the latest trends can help you make the best choices for achieving your desired results.

In this write-up, we are highlighting the top 7 lip augmentation trends that are gaining popularity in 2024. 

1. Russian Lips 

This lip augmentation trend emerged early this year and is one of the most common treatments in lip fillers in Kolkata. This treatment emphasizes the vertical height of the lips – giving you a pronounced Cupid’s bow and lifted appearance.

This filler treatment not only adds volume to the lips but also enhances the natural beauty of the face, creating a harmonious look with other facial features.

2. Cherry Lips 

This Korean lip style is becoming increasingly popular in Kolkata. Unlike other lip fillers in Kolkata, this method doesn’t distribute the filler evenly. It aims to augment the central point of the lower and upper lip – with a focus on giving you a plump and pouty appearance – giving your lips the appearance of cherries.

3. Keyhole Lips 

This is one of the most favoured celebrity lip fillers treatment, popularised by Kylie Jenner. This trend started long ago and is still going strong.

In this lip augmentation treatment, the idea is to create a small, keyhole-like gap between the upper and the lower lips- which adds a contour and structure to the lips and gives you a pouty appearance.

This procedure is more precise than other procedures due to the way it injects dermal filler such as Juvederm(r) and uses strings to “split the bottom”. It requires great precision in order to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. 

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4. Cupid’s Bow

The name of this filler treatment is derived from the shape of Cupid’s Bow, where the double curvature of the lips resembles the cupid’s bow in an “M-shaped” form.

This lip filler treatment enhances the central lower lips – giving you a symmetrical and attractive lip contour.

5. Non- Surgical Lip Lift 

The lip filler treatment is always changing, and one trend that is taking the cosmetic world by trend is non-surgical lip treatment. This technique uses hyaluronic-acid-based dermal fillers to gently lift and shape the lips. The focus is to enhance lip shape and complement facial features with the filler.

6. The Lip Flip 

If you’re not fond of the big lip trend, then this lip fillers treatment is for you. These lip fillers in Kolkata give you a subtle enhancement to your lips without overdoing it.

This method uses BOTOX or other neurotoxins to relax the muscles surrounding the lips. As the muscles relax, they gently roll outward.

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7. Other Trends

Apart from these lip filler treatments, there are many other lip augmentation trends that are rocking 2024. Some aim to give you subtle results, while others can bring dramatic looks. It all depends on your preferences and tastes.

In Conclusion 

As we navigate through 2024, it’s clear that lip filler trends are leaning towards more natural, personalized, and innovative approaches. From the rise of hybrid fillers to the focus on hydration and subtle enhancements, the trends reflect a broader desire for authenticity and individual expression. Want to get lip fillers in Kolkata? Visit Image Clinic today!