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Affordable Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata: Everything You Need to Know

Medically termed Endodontic therapy, root canal treatment is a specialize­d field of dentistry carried out to heal the infected dental pulps – ensuring your dental health and overall well being. 

At Image Clinic, we recognize the value of offering dental care that is both high-quality and reasonably priced. Let’s delve into the root canal cost in Kolkata and know how our clinic can assist you in keeping your smile looking great without going over budget.

Root Canal Treatment Overview 

Root canal dental procedure focuses on restoring damaged or infected teeth.  It involves extracting the diseased pulp from the tooth, giving it a thorough cleaning, and sealing it. In addition to reducing discomfort, root canal treatment also helps maintain the original tooth structure. 

Root Canal Treatment Cost In Kolkata 

When thinking about getting root canal treatment, the first concern that people have is the cost involved. However, this cost is influenced by a lot of factors, including the experience of the dentist, the severity of the tooth, its location and many more. 

 At Image Clinic, we strive to provide transparent pricing to our clients. 

Generally the root canal cost in Kolkata ranges between from INR 6,500 to INR 14,000. This price is inclusive of all expenses including consultations, X-rays, anesthesia, and any necessary follow-up appointments. It’s important to remember that the cost can vary depending on individual cases and additional treatments required.

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Factors Affecting Root Canal Cost In Kolkata

The following factors affect the cost of root canal treatment in Kolkata:

Tooth Location: The location of the tooth impacts the complexity of your root canal treatment. Teeth that are located at the back of the mouth usually have more roots – making it difficult to treat. 

Damage Severity: The root canal treatment cost is mostly determined by how much the tooth pulp is damaged or the severity of the infection. 

Teeths that are more damaged call for additional treatment steps. This h automatically increases the overall cost of the treatment.

Dentist Expertise: The cost of a root canal treatment is also dependent on the experience and skill of the dentist undertaking the procedure.

Additional Treatments: In certain cases, more dental procedures may be needed along with  root canal to restore the strength and aesthetics of your tooth. These additional treatments impact the overall cost.

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