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Best Hair Transplant Kolkata: Frequently Asked Questions

A hair transplant is an investment in your confidence. Reputed as one of the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, we often encounter multiple questions from our clients from all around the globe.

Therefore, we have taken the time to jot down the most common questions – and have answered them here in detail:

1. Is my male baldness pattern or female baldness pattern caused by anything I’m doing? Is my stress level or the shampoo I use contributing to it?

There is no evidence linking mental stress, tight scalp muscles, frequent washing, certain types of shampoo, or skin disorders to male or female baldness (androgenetic alopecia). However, certain medical conditions can result in hair loss. The Image Clinic team will advise you on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing.

2. Will I be able to swim or enjoy physical activities with my new hair? 

After seven to eight days of treatment, you’ll be back to enjoying all of your favourite activities. Your transplanted hair is permanent, so you can wash, cut and dye them as you wish.

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3. Who is a candidate for transplantation?

The secret to successfully treating hair loss is your drive and desire for a more appealing hairline and hair density. Your surgeon will let you know at your initial visit if there are any circumstances that might prevent you from getting the full benefit of our hair restoration procedures.

Generally speaking, neither gender nor age is a barrier to our hair restoration procedures. Procedures performed on patients over 70 have proven beneficial. Male pattern or female pattern baldness in individuals in their 30s can also be effectively addressed. Although they should be handled cautiously, even younger patients might be suitable candidates. Women who have particular patterns of hair loss can also be eligible.

The back and sides of the head, which are the locations from which grafts are obtained, are the optimum places for healthy hair in a candidate for hair restoration surgery. In order to utilize your current hair to help conceal the early phases of the restoration, it is usually preferable to begin while you are not fully bald.

The following people might be excellent candidates for hair transplants:

  • those who clearly exhibit either female or male pattern baldness.
  • people who have lost hair as a result of cosmetic surgery, scalp trauma, or scarring.
  • those who want their beards, moustaches, or eyebrows thickened or restored.
  • those who have previously undergone hair restoration operations.

4. How much time is involved for treatment?

Usually, several sessions spaced out at different times are needed. . Most patients can get a full, natural-looking appearance with just a few surgeries. Most candidates for hair transplantation and micrografting require one to two treatments spaced several months apart. Approximately three to four hours are needed for each office procedure.

5. How is the procedure performed?

A tiny section of your head’s hair-bearing scalp is removed during hair restoration surgery from the back and sides. Hair in this donor area will grow back over the course of your lifetime. The stripping region is meticulously closed, which normally leaves a very small line that is totally undetectable in the remaining hair.

The hair-bearing scalp is then microscopically divided by our expert surgical team to replace the lost hair in the parts of your scalp that are balding. The size at which these grafts are manufactured will depend on your particular requirements and the state of your scalp. The transplanted hairs are essentially invisible and grow similarly to natural hair. To increase density beneath the hairline, our staff will employ follicular groups with more hairs. 

It is possible to eliminate any discomfort experienced during the treatment by utilizing IV sedation and local anaesthesia. In order to finish the restoration, our staff closely examines if your newly inserted hairs will grow in unison in particular directions, resulting in a hairline that is nearly indistinguishable from the one that nature may have given you an enhanced hair density overall.

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