What are the best dandruff control treatments in Kolkata? How Effective Are They?

Dandruff itching and flaking can be easy to control. To decrease sebum and skin cell accumulation on the scalp, try regular scalp clean up with a gentle shampoo first. If that doesn’t work, consider using a physician-suggested anti dandruff shampoo. 

Some people can use a medicated shampoo two to three times per week, with periodic shampooing on other days if essential. 

Less recurring shampooing and a moisturizing conditioner for the hair or scalp would satisfy people with drier hair.

Hair and scalp cosmetic products are available in the form of resolutions to combat dandruff such as foams, gels, sprays, ointments, and oils. You may need to try many products before keeping the one that suits you. You will almost definitely be required to continue with long-term dandruff treatment. 

Discontinue using any product if you experience itching or stinging as a side effect. Seek rapid medical attention if you generate any allergic response, such as a rash, swarms, or difficulty in breathing.

Dandruff shampoos are categorized based on the element composition included within them. Some prescription shampoos are in stronger formulations.

Some Prescribed Shampoos Used By Physicians


  • Pyrithione zinc shampoos:  These contain the antibacterial and antifungal agent zinc pyrithione.
  • Tar-based shampoos: Coal tar restricts how fast skin cells on your scalp break and flake off. If you have pale colored hair, this type of shampoo may induce color fade on your hair. It can also make the scalp more reactive to sunlight.
  • Shampoos containing salicylic acid: These products help eradicate flaking on the scalp. 
  • Selenium sulfide shampoos: These shampoos possess an antifungal element. Use these products as advised by your dermatologist and rinse well after shampooing, as they can be harmful to the hair and scalp if you leave them.
  • Ketoconazole shampoos: This shampoo has the capacity to kill dandruff created by fungi that live on your scalp.
  • Fluocinolone shampoos These products contain an element corticosteroid to help control itching, flaking, and irritation.

If one kind of shampoo appears to work for a period and then loses its effectiveness, try alternating between two compositions of dandruff shampoos. Once your dandruff is under control, use the medicated shampoo on a less regular basis for deterrence.

Never forget to read the directions on each shampoo bottle you try. Some products are prescribed to be left on for a few minutes, while others must be rinsed off as soon as possible.


If medicated shampoo seems ineffective after using it for several weeks and still dandruff returns quickly, consult a good dermatologist. For best dandruff control treatment in Kolkata come to Image Clinic India.