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Facial Etiquette And Skin Care Routine – From The Best Dermatologist Kolkata

If you’re going for a professional skin treatment for the first time, good decision! Booking yourself the best skin treatment in Kolkata is an excellent way to nourish your skin while taking your much-needed “me” time. But to get the best possible results from your skin treatment, you need to prepare your skin for the best facial experience.

Here are some useful details that you should know about before getting your skin treatment. No matter whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, this information will be really valuable to get healthy, glowing skin.

TIP # 1: Avoid Using Harsh Exfoliating Products Altesat Four Days Before Your Skin Treatment 

Most professional skin treatments at Image Clinic already include exfoliating treatments such as an enzyme acid peel or ultrasonic exfoliation. So you don’t need to over-sensitize your skin. Avoid using any type of scrub, retinol, or acids on your skin before the skin treatment.

TIP: If your skin is sunburned or has any irritation, you must reschedule your appointment for a later date.

TIP #2: Be Prepared To Discuss Your Top Three Skin Concerns 

No matter which skin treatment you are going for, you must always book a consultation with the best dermatologist Kolkata, prior to the treatment. During this appointment, discuss the top three concerns and priorities for your skin. This will allow the skin specialist to be able to customize your treatment and recommend the best skin treatment in Kolkata for your skin type.

TIP# 3: Brush Your Teeth Or You Can Use Breath Mints

Because you will be so close to the esthetician’s face, for your benefit, you want to ensure that you’re not feeling self-conscious about what you ate for your lunch that day.

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TIP#4: Men Should Shave In The Morning Of Their Appointment 

Usually, skin treatment includes a face, neck and shoulder massage. But if a man has too much stubble, it may be difficult for the esthetician to give them the experience of the massage since they wouldn’t want to irritate their hands. 

Shaving your skin in the morning of your skin treatment will ensure that you have smooth skin, allow your esthetician to avoid irritation and give your skin the attention it needs. 

TIP #5:Bring Along Your Skincare Products 

When going for the Best Skin Treatment in Kolkata, many skin specialists find it useful to see what you’ve been using on your skin. Additionally, it will also be beneficial for you to know whether the skincare products that you’re using are good for your skin or not. 

Make sure you give a hands-up to the esthetician so that he/she can schedule that extra time to go over your products with you.

TIP #6: Perform Your Normal Skincare Routine 

Most people, when they get the best skin treatment in Kolkata, feel like they should come for the appointment with clear skin, washed with nothing else on it. Others also come with makeup on. According to the best dermatologist Kolkata, one should come in what their skin would normally look like. When people prepare their skin too much, it becomes difficult to understand the amount of oils or the hydration levels of the skin. Even a cleanser or a face wash before the skin treatment can skew the skin analysis.

TIP #7: Be Prepared To Turn Off Your Cellphones

To ensure you get the best skin treatment in Kolkata and a good time spent with your skin specialist, it is important not only to put your phone on vibrate but to switch it off completely. There is nothing more disruptive during a facial treatment than a phone ringing or vibrating.

When Are You Planning For Your Next Skin Treatment?

These are some of the general facial guidelines and etiquettes that every individual must know before getting their skin treatment. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that getting the Best Skin Treatment in Kolkata from professional dermatologists is nothing less of an investment for your skin’s health. To get gentle, glowing and nourishing facial treatments in Kolkata, visit Image Clinic today and book your appointment with the best dermatologist Kolkata today.Locate Us