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Want Laser Treatment For Better Skin? Keep These Points in Mind!

Dewy airbrushed skin with a smooth, glowing feel – it’s all our dreams merged into something extraordinary. We might try and try, but it will seem like a faraway reality. But with laser treatment, that reality is not as far-fetched anymore! They’re practical, affordable, and get the job done! You can get laser treatment for wrinkles, face, hair, and so much more. 

However, as with any other treatment, you need to keep certain things in mind before jumping in. So, let’s get right into our guide and explore all the key points to avoid getting burned! 

Crucial Points To Know Before Undergoing Laser Treatment

1. The Person Carrying Out Laser Treatment Might Not Be an Expert

There is no particular law in India that requires specific qualifications to operate laser equipment. And while it might seem an easy enough process, it requires expertise to carry out. If the person isn’t adequately trained, you and your face will be vulnerable to potential harm. So, be sure to check the clinic’s background and verify whether the dermatologist is certified to carry out the procedure. 

2. Research the Categories of Resurfacing Lasers

Laser treatment is a vast procedure that uses three critical categories of lasers. These include – ablative and nonablative (the latter doesn’t wound the skin while the former does) as well as fractional. 

Ablative lasers: are the most potent alternative out of three. The laser superheats the skin and removes the top layer of the skin or epidermis and the second layer of skin or dermis. The newer erbium YAG (Er: YAG) and carbon dioxide laser (CO2) are the most commonly used ablative lasers. 

Non-Ablative or ‘Non-Wounding’ lasers: are the exact opposite of their counterparts. Contrary to ablative that works on the top of the skin, non-ablative directs its energy into the deeper tissues. They’re better for darker skins as it presents less risk of hypopigmentation. 

Fractionated lasers: have been the game changers in laser treatment for the face, wrinkles, hair, etc. It delivers the light and heat in a pixelated fashion across the area. So, instead of attacking the entire face, it primarily targets a particular area. 

3. Laser Brand Names Don’t Really Matter

It is not the laser brand that would make a massive difference in your laser treatment. Instead, it will be – the wavelengths used and the expertise of the laser operator. Different laser parameters determine whether the procedure will be effective for your skin. With varying types of skin, the settings change drastically. Hence, before the brand, ensure that the laser settings fix against your skin and not burn your skin off. 

4. Always Consult a Dermatologist

It’s a wise and clever choice to always consult a trained and certified dermatologist before making any decision. Laser treatment can prove quite harmful to you and your skin – even permanent damages in some cases. Hence, if you’re currently looking to get a laser treatment for face wrinkles or anything else, don’t be too hasty and judge from random Instagram posts. Get your facts, pros, cons, and procedure checked by a dermatologist! 

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