Tattoo Removal Near Me

Tattoo Removal Near Me: Get the Ink Off Your Skin with Laser

Tattoo Removal Near Me – Did your tattoo designer put on the wrong design on your arm? Hey wait, has your partner ditched you and now you need to get that name off your skin? if that;s not the case, do you suffer from skin irritations due to the newly made tattoos? whatever the problem may be, you are surely searching for tattoo removal near me? 

Image Clinic is your saviour! Visit Image Clinic for the best tattoo removal in Kolkata. How? Well…

Did you know that with laser treatment, you can permanently say bye-bye to tattoos? Yes, laser treatment is the safest way to remove that unwanted tattoo from your body. 

How Laser Treatment Eliminates the Tattoo?

If you have finally decided to get rid of that tattoo, look for tattoo removal near me. Unquestionably, Image Clinic is the name you’ll find for the best tattoo removal with laser technology. Though the term laser might scare you, the experts do everything safely.

Let’s explain how.

The experts of laser tattoo removal in Kolkata will check your skin condition before going for the procedure. Accordingly, they will perform the laser treatment. What happens when your doctor targets the tattoo ink with the laser? The pulses of the Q-switched laser will move inside the ink and break down the ink particles. 

If you have small tattoos, then a few intense pulses are enough. But if you have large tattoos, you might require a lot of pulse lasers. The experts do this treatment, keeping in mind not to harm the surrounding skin of the tattoo. 

At Image Clinic, you won’t feel the discomfort to ask for anesthesia. After the treatment, the specialists may suggest you try antibiotic ointment to heal the treated area. Moreover, you must keep the skin area clean, away from sunlight, and avoid tight-fitting clothes during recovery.

Other Ways To Remove A Tattoo Besides Laser

There are several ways to remove tattoos other than lasers. But are they effective? Plastic surgery might help you to get rid of the tattoo. However, you do need to be quite careful with the aftercare regime to avoid skin damage. 

Dermabrasion is another method, but it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin conditions. Moreover, if you are dark-skinned, the removal will leave pigmented patches on the skin.

You must have heard about tattoo removal cream. Indeed, the cream is cheaper than other removal techniques. But do they work appropriately? Cream only lightens the colour of the tattoo and does not remove it permanently. Also, there are higher chances of your skin getting irritated. 

So, the ultimate option for permanent tattoo removal is the laser technique. Explore tattoo removal near me in Kolkata, and grab the best tattoo removal in Kolkata from Image Clinic.

Hunting for Tattoo Removal Near Me? 

If you are from Kolkata, yes, Image Clinic is the best tattoo removal clinic in Kolkata. Are you not from Kolkata? No worries, come and grab the clinic’s professional laser tattoo removal in Kolkata. As per the laser tattoo removal cost in India, the laser tattoo removal cost per square inch in Kolkata is much affordable. 

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