Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair Loss Treatment – What is hair loss?

Shedding or thinning of hair on the scalp or any other body part is called hair loss.

Firstly, you must know, it’s normal for humans to shed 50 to 100 hairs each day.

Hair has its natural process and there’s nothing to worry about as the fall-out hair is replaced by new ones growing in.

But anytime you notice unexpected, heavy hair loss, where the hair falling out is more than the hair growing in, you are facing hair loss.

Hair loss is of two types: temporary and permanent.

If your hair loss is temporary, there is nothing to worry about.

But if it’s permanent, you must book yourself the best hair loss treatment immediately.

What are the reasons for hair loss?

The reason for hair loss can stem from several reasons including:

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Excessive Stress
  • Hard water used for hair washing
  • Improper Diet
  • Genetics
  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Medications and Illness
  • Chemotherapy
  • Over Styling and more

But there nothing to worry because you can get the best hair loss treatment from Image Clinic.

How is hair loss diagnosed?

Continuous hair loss indicates there are probably some underlying health issues related to it.

Once you visit Image Clinic for hair loss treatment , they will conduct a physical examination and understand your health history to determine the actual reason.

At times, a simple dietary change along with some prescribed medication can help cure hair loss.

But, if the reason for the hair loss is related to some skin disease or autoimmune disease, the dermatologist will take a small section of your scalp skin for biopsy.

Not to forget, hair growth is a complex process, and it takes time to determine the exact details for persistent hair loss.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Before we proceed, you must get an overview of the hair growth cycle. This will help you understand the hair loss treatment better.

Hair is produced from hair follicles that are found on the outermost layer of the scalp. When the body creates hair cells, the existing ones are pushed through the follicles. Blood vessels nourish these hair cells to form keratin hair strands.

Each strand of hair goes through these phases of its growth cycle.

  • Anagen: This is the growing (super active) phase of the hair. At this phase of the cycle, the cells at the root of the hair are split quickly. A new hair is formed and is pushed up the hair cells through the follicle, and finally out, resulting in good hair growth.

During this phase, the hair grows up to 1 cm every 28 days. Based on the body type, the scalp hair stays in this active stage for 2-6 years, before the follicles become dormant.

  • Catagen: This is the transition phase of hair. In this stage, the hair growth stops, and the outer root sheath shrinks. It attaches itself to the root of the hair and is prepared to shed.

This phase of the hair cycle lasts for 2-3 weeks and almost 3 % of all hairs are in this stage at any given time.

  • Telogen: This is the resting phase and lasts for about 100 days. During this stage, the hair follicle is completely at rest and club hairs are being formed.

Around 6% – 8% of all hairs are in this phase. During this phase around 100 hair clubs shed up, naturally.

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Is hair loss treatment safe?

By virtue of the recent advancements in the healthcare industry, hair loss treatment is extremely safe. You just need to follow a few of the post-operative instructions to make sure everything works the best.

How long will you have to wait to see visible results?

After undergoing the surgery, the outline of your hair growth will be visible within 2-3 months. It will take around 10 to 18 months for the bald area to be covered completely with new hair growth.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing severe hair loss, don’t loose hope! With the right hair loss treatment, you can cure it all! Talk to the best hair experts from Image Clinic and get the best hair loss treatment today!