Laser Hair Removal

Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Best For You?

Tired of painful waxing, threading and regular shaving to remove unwanted hair growth? Looking for a quick and easy alternative to get rid of unwanted hair?

Then professional laser treatment in Kolkata is the ideal option for you!

Laser hair removal method uses laser energy to destroy the hair follicles for an extended period of time.  The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the laser energy and turns it into heat – which reduces the hair growth. 

However, over the years, so many types of laser hair removal techniques and machines have been introduced in the market.  And it becomes really difficult to know which hair removal technique is best for your needs and skin type.

But not to worry! In this blog we will discuss different laser hair removal methods and their features – so that you can make a better decision. 

Intense Pulse Laser (IPL)

IPL is considered as one of the best lasers for hair removal, but in reality it is not a laser. IPL is a type of intense pulsed light that damages the hair follicles in the similar way as lasers. The best part of IPL is that – it can be customized as per individual needs like their skin tone or hair thickness needs. 

To experience the full potential of IPL you may need a few sessions, but the number of sessions can also vary depending on each person.

Diode Laser Hair Removal 

If your skin tone is medium to dark and you have coarse hair – Diode laser treatment in Kolkata is perfect for you. This laser type is similar to the Alexandrite method and is known for its versatility. The Diode laser hair removal method is relatively less painful and requires fewer sessions to see the results. However it also varies depending on individual needs.

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Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal is one of the most renowned hair removal methods and is ideal for people with lighter skin tones. Compared to other lasers for hair removal, this method is less painful – and this is because of its short wavelength. This means this laser beam cannot penetrate as deeply as other lasers. 

This laser requires extra sessions to achieve permanent results. This is because of its shorter wavelength. 

Nd and LP Nd: YAG

If you have dark skin tone and your hairs are also coarse this heavy-duty laser works best for such individuals. Nd and LP Nd: YAG has the longest wavelength compared to other lasers.  This means that because of its wavelength, the laser can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is highly effective. 

This laser hair removal treatment penetrates the deepest hence lasts the longest. This means that the laser reaches the bottom root of the hair and successfully kills the hair follicles permanently after a few sessions. 

Ruby Laser Hair Removal 

The first ever laser developed to remove hair is ruby laser hair removal. However because of its speed and less effectiveness, the laser has become obsolete. Having said that, it is quite good for people with lighter, finer hair and light skin tones.

Does It Matter Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment I Choose?

Yes, the type of laser hair removal you choose is of immense importance. It influences the effectiveness of your treatment and the side effects that you might experience. 

To minimize the damage to melanin producing cells, the choice and the method of laser must be determined carefully by matching your skin type and hair quality. 

People with light skin tone and darker hair can choose an IPL device, or Alexandrite Laser, or a diode laser.

People with dark complexion and dark hair may use a Nd:YAG laser or Diode laser. 

Diode laser is good for people with lighter hair.

To prevent unwanted tissue damage, shorter laser pulses can be used and the energy can also be adjusted accordingly. Also there are some lasers that work best on certain body parts.

Therefore it is ideal to discuss with your dermatologist before you get your laser treatment in Kolkata

Areas That Can Be Treated By Laser Hair Removal

Luckily, there are different parts that can treated by laser hair removal treatment:

  • Face
  • Neck 
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Chest
  • Back

What is The Difference Between Laser Hair Removal And Electrolysis?

Laser hair removal involves using light pulses to penetrate deep inside the hair follicles and damaging the cell with wavelength and heat. 

On the other hand, electrolysis is a process that permanently damages the hair follicles and prevents further hair growth. In this process the technician places a needle into the targeted hair follicle. The electrical energy passes through the probe, ultimately killing the hair root forever. This is the surest way of permanent hair removal.

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