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What to Expect at Body Contouring Treatment – Know From the Best Dermatologist in Kolkata

Best Dermatologist in Kolkata – Tried out all the keto diet regimes and still couldn’t attain the perfect body shape? Well, that isn’t the wits’ end.

Now, give a halt to all your fretting and worrying. You just need to shell a few bucks out of your pocket to stay in perfect shape.


Let’s just stop beating around the bush and reveal it already. Body Contouring Treatment – that’s the key to it! Now, no more slogging around with the painful body exercises and the strict diet routines.

All you need is to find out the best skin clinic in Kolkata with 5-star reviews. Next, shortlist all the best dermatologist in Kolkata renowned for body contouring treatments. Then, wisely choose from the best and you are all set to get that dream-shaped body.

Getting body contouring treatment from the best dermatologist in Kolkata? Read these 4 points first.

Booked your first body contouring treatment from Image Clinic – the renowned dermatologist in Kolkata near me? Then, you must be bouncing off the walls dreaming about the outcome.

Surely, along with the excitement your nerves might be wrecking on what to expect from the treatment. Here, let us guide you in this journey of getting that curvaceous body.

1. It’s fat reduction, not weight loss

Firstly, acquaint yourself with the hard fact that it is NOT a treatment for weight loss. Its work is to burn those unwanted areas of fat that cannot be burned with diet and exercise.

Thus, people who are close to their normal weight are the perfect candidates for this treatment.

2. Thankfully, the fat cells won’t ever grow back

Yes! We meant what we said. Once the fat cells are killed, they can never grow back again. Thus, gear yourself and get ready to shed 20% to 30% of fat from the area of treatment.

3. Be patient as the results will take time

Are you expecting instant results as liposuction and tummy tuck provide? Then, it might not be the right treatment for you. One must wait at least two to four months to see the final results. Well, you can notice slight differences since the third week. 

4. Minimal Recovery Time

We have saved the best for the last. You need minimal time in recovering from the body contouring time. 

But you may ask why? Well, it is a nonsurgical procedure with no use of anesthesia in it. You may experience slight side discomfort like swelling and redness.

However, we have seen most patients drive themselves home afterward the treatment. So, you know what to expect.

How long will the body contouring treatment from the best dermatologist in Kolkata last

Body contouring treatments last up to a long time. You can expect the final results to stick at least 10 years or more. This is why the best dermatologists in Kolkata call it the permanent solution for fat loss. However, you must be leading a healthy lifestyle that can make the treatment results last for decades.

Do we need any additional treatments after the first body contouring treatment?

Body contouring treatment is a non-surgical procedure for fat loss. Hence, the results of the first treatment will not be that prominent unless you complete the second treatment. We suggest getting at least two to three treatments for flawless treatments.

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Now with body contouring treatment, getting that perfectly shaped body seems like a cakewalk.

Go for it!

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