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Best Dermatologist in Kolkata Explains 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Skin this Winter

Best Dermatologist in Kolkata – Winter is already here! It means the season of tight skin, rough knuckles, and chapped lips are going to take over soon. Combat this year’s dry winter skin with these helpful skin care tips coming from the best dermatologist in Kolkata at Image Clinic.

Tips for winter skincare suggested by the best dermatologist in Kolkata

1.    Too much change is not good

A complete overhaul of products just because of season change is not good. The best dermatologist in Kolkata explains that the best way to tackle such situations is understanding your skin type and how it responds to the environment and products.

 Then accordingly, you can make simple changes in your skincare routine and let your skin adapt to the new temperature changes.

2.  Stay Hydrated

With the onset of colder weather, your skin will get more and drier through the season and central heating.

 You must make sure that your skin is well hydrated throughout the day. If possible, switch coffee with green tea or matcha.

3. Protect Lips from “lick eczema.”

Best dermatologist in Kolkata at Image Clinic explains that licking lips during winters will exacerbate dryness and will make conditions worse. Make sure your lips are sealed with proper ointment at all times.

4.    Book In For a Professional Facial

Winters are dull! But a professional facial every four weeks will help your skin move through the complete life cycle of cell growth. It will also help keep your skin clean and hydrated.

5. Monitor Scaly Skin for Dermatitis

Cold seasons may trigger dermatitis thought to be exacerbated by yeast. You need to track the condition and tweak your skincare routine accordingly.

 You must also book your appointment with a skin doctor near me and take measures to stop them in the tracks – explains the best dermatologist in Kolkata.

Best skin clinic in Kolkata

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We aim to bring your aesthetic dreams to reality using our knowledge, training, expertise, and experience.

Book your appointment with the best dermatologist in Kolkata

Frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin if not taken care of properly. Don’t let that happen! Book your free consultation with the best dermatologist in Kolkata at Image Clinic today and let your glow and win through the season. Hurry, your glowing, youthful skin is just a call away!!

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