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Do’s And Don’ts After A Hair Transplant

Even though we don’t care that much, our hair contributes a lot to our confidence and self-image. A healthy hairline with strong black hair can instantly make you more attractive. Unfortunately, some people can lose their hair from diseases, stress, or other reasons.

Thanks to our experienced professionals and advanced hair transplant procedure, Image Clinic has helped a lot of individuals restore their healthy hair and, along with that, their confidence.

But remember, if you go back to living that same life you had earlier, even the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata won’t be able to help you retain your perfect hair. So here are some do’s and don’ts you need to religiously follow after you get hair transplants.

Keep exercise minimal

Exercise is essential, but you don’t need to stress yourself a lot, especially after getting new hair. For up to 14 days after the transplant, make sure you don’t do anything laborious. During the first week, try to rest as much as possible and avoid exercise altogether. While you can be functional, avoid consistent lifting and bending over activities.

Follow Your Personalized Aftercare

After the hair transplants, our doctor will list out some personalized aftercare steps according to your overall health condition. Do what you must, but follow these instructions strictly. Most of the things that you are told by our clinical experts are there to ensure the best results for you. 

If you have any doubts, Image Clinic is there for you all the time. But aftercare procedures need to be followed with utmost sincerity.

Be Extra Careful While Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair after the transplant is a good idea to remove any scabs and blood from your skin. But, you mustn’t rub too hard or pull them in the act of cleaning them “perfectly”. Pulling can change the position of transplanted hairs and extends the healing time. We also recommend the best shampoo that you can use to wash your hair post hair transplant.

Have a Healthy Diet

You might have had an unhealthy lifestyle, but not anymore. Along with boosting your skin strength, a good diet can help to keep your hair in good condition in the future. Talk to our experts and follow a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to recover faster hair transplant recovery.

Sleeping Position is also Important

Make sure that your head is elevated while sleeping. The height will help reduce the amount of swelling and decrease the pressure build-up. Get plenty of pillows and ensure that your head is angled at around 45 degrees while sleeping.

In the Nutshell

We understand that life these days is very hectic, busy, and stressful, but if you want a happy and healthy life. Take proper care of yourself and your shiny new hair. 

If you faithfully follow our doctor’s instructions, you’ll be pleased by the fantastic results from our hair transplants.

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