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Facing Hair Loss? What Kind Of Doctor Should You Visit?

If you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning or just some changes in your hair, there are special doctors for that.

Booking an appointment with a doctor to maintain the health of your hair and keep it fuller for longer is just as important as seeing a doctor for any other bothersome medical condition.

Read on to learn which doctors you should speak with to figure out a plan for your hair loss goals, as well as what to expect during a visit. 

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Doctors That Specifically Treat Hair Loss 

The main doctor who specializes in treating hair concerts is a dermatologist. They are trained in skin, hair and nail conditions. So if you visit a dermatologist, you can be pretty confident that they are well versed on all things hair. 

However, if you want a doctor that specifically treats hair loss, then you should visit a trichologist. 

Now if you want to know more about trichologists, we have a detailed definition below for you to understand.

Remember a doctor can be both a Trichologist and Dermatologist, but not all Trichologists are not Dermatologists. 

Aside from these two types of doctors, it is also common for general practice or other specialities to know about the most common hair loss treatments and to be able to help you with hair loss as they receive general hair loss treatment training in medical school.

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 Who Is A Trichologist?

 A trichologist is a hair and scalp specialist. Their sole focus is on the science of scalp and hair. They are specifically trained in the anatomy of scalp and hair structure and usually have a background in cosmetology. 

Their training and education allow them to recommend the best ways to treat different hair loss and scalp conditions.

The best way to determine the health of your scalp and hair is through an in-depth hair and scalp analysis. 

During the examination, the trichologist will gauge the scalp’s health by evaluating factors like scalp tension, oil production, and hydration that can contribute to hair loss and scalp problems requiring corrections.

Once the trichologist has assessed the scalp and hair, they may recommend a customized hair and scalp treatment based on your individual specific needs.

Should You Visit A Trichologist Or A Dermatologist? 

In an ideal scenario, a dermatologist and a trichologist should work hand in hand. Many individuals often find that some of the greatest dermatologists are exceptional in their domain, however, they are not good with scalp or hair treatments.

 So if your concern is solely about your hair problems, then visiting a trichologist can be the most valuable in treating the scalp and hair condition. 

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