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Hair Transplant From Another Person – Is It Possible?

HAIR TRANSPLANT FROM ANOTHER PERSON? – If you have advanced genetic hair loss, this question has surely crossed your mind atleast once.

Your curiosity to find a permanent hair solution may have urged you to awkwardly ask your hair transplant clinic in Kolkata to give your hair a helping hand ( using another person’s hair). You may have also shortlisted an acquaintance for your hair transplant.

But the question: Is it really possible to transplant hair from another person?

Sadly, NO!

Hair transplant with another person’s hair is not possible – not even when that person is related to you by blood. 

The immune system will quickly realize the hair follicles as a foreign body. Naturally, it will start attacking the unknown hair. As a result, the transplanted hair will fall off again without giving a chance to the follicles to grow. 

Transplanting Hair From Another Person: A Detailed Discussion

Our immune system is a highly complex system that fends off diseases successfully. It has innate protective mechanisms for it. A part of these innate protective mechanisms is alerting every cell in the body and the immune system against an object if it doesn’t belong to the body. 

It may seem illogical that the immune system attacks a dead tissue such as hair. But in reality, during hair transplants, both the hair and hair follicles of a foreign person are attached to the scalp. It is these transplanted hair follicles that grow back the donor’s hair.

So, such hair follicles get connected to the bloodstream once inserted into the scalp. Every healthy cell of a person has a certain mark on its body. But the cells of the transplanted follicles don’t possess this. So, the white blood cells immediately attack it. 

That is why one cannot find any transplanting procedures using another person’s hair. To know more about hair transplantation, book your consultation at the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata – and get your doubts cleared by the experts.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata – Alternatives To Hair Transplant From Another Person 

Hair transplant from another person’s hair is impossible. But there are several possible and practical hair transplant methods you can try out. 

Synthetic hair transplant

Synthetic hair transplant implants bio-fibers on the scalp. The material used is fiber, and thus, it matches exactly the structure and color of your original hair. The immune system resists less aggressively to the bio-fibers as they are not connected to the bloodstream. Nevertheless, there may be some redness and allergic reaction from this method. You need to choose the best clinics for getting the bio-fibers suited to your body. Therefore, trust only hair specialists of Image Clinic for your hair transplantation process. 

Hair pigmentation

Hair pigmentation gives additional fullness to the thin, transplanted hair. This hair treatment effectively covers shaved heads or bald spots in between long hairs.

Hair transplantation with own hair

Hair transplantation with one’s own hair is completely possible. There may be still intact follicles in the donor’s scalp that are inactive. The hair clinics can reactivate these inactive follicles with PRP treatment and growth agents.

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