Best dermatologist in kolkata for acne scars

Best Dermatologist in Kolkata: 7 Questions to Ask Them About Acne

Acne is frustrating! The effect is diabolical- and it acts on your aesthetics and self-confidence majorly.

But an appointment with the best dermatologist in Kolkata for acne can resolve this problem permanently. No matter how worse your acne may be, you can take charge of it by asking your dermatologist the right questions during your visit to the office.

There are not many certified dermatologists in Kolkata – and to get to the root of the problem, you need a certified and expert dermatologist who can give you the right solutions for your acne problem.

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1. Is my acne problem resulting from hormonal imbalance?

Hormones play a major part in acne. A common condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause those zits.

But before assuming anything, ask the female skin specialist in Kolkata at Image Clinic more about PCOS so that you can do the requisite testing and make sure it is diagnosed and treated.

2. Is my makeup causing acne?

Often makeup, especially hair creams and gels, might exacerbate your acne. On your appointment at Image Clinic with the best dermatologist in Kolkata, ask them whether they think your everyday makeup is causing the acne.

If that’s the case, you will be advised to switch brands or makeup types – depending on what suits your skin the best.

3. Does acne mean I’m not maintaining my face clean enough?

Scrubbing too hard can aggravate your acne, and using alcohol-based astringents can dry your skin. To know better whether your skincare routine is causing your acne, reveal to your dermatologist your skincare routine and ask them whether or not you are doing the right thing for your skin.

4. What products should I avoid?

Avoiding any product does not mean that they are non-comedogenic. Comedogenic means products that clog pores. So if the product is non-comedogenic – it means that our dermatologist has analyzed the contents to share the certification.

Also, avoid all types of heavy creams and greasy serums that can disrupt the natural balance by affecting the overall skin oiliness.

5. What is causing acne?

Acne, zits, and lesions are caused by several reasons – and being able to put your hand on the reason solves half of the problems.

So make sure your dermatologist informs you about what they think is the underlying cause of your skin issues.

6. Can vitamin supplements help me beat acne?

Vitamins like omega-3 fatty acids, alpha lipoic are proven to work in many acne conditions. So to know whether you can give it a try or not – ask your dermatologist this question. And if they say yes, ask them which one you should take and what dose.

7. What acne treatments are best for me?

Before concluding your appointment with the best dermatologist in Kolkata, make sure you ask them about the best acne treatment for your skin.

Remember, acnes are different, so the acne treatments are also different. So ask the female skin specialist in Kolkata before undergoing any acne treatment.


Don’t let acne ruin your confidence! Take matters into your own hands and find out the reason behind your acne by asking the right questions in your visit to the best dermatologist in Kolkata.

Book yourself an appointment at the best skin clinic in Kolkata- Image Clinic – and start with the best acne treatment for your skin today. Hurry, the permanent solution to your acne marks is just an appointment away!