PRP therapy

How Does PRP Therapy Help Your Skin?

Wrinkles, sun damage, and fine lines can add up years to your face contours. Good skincare products and a religious skin care routine can indeed help you – but adding plasma theory to your list can get you noticeable improvements in your Skin. 

At Image Clinic in Kolkata, we bring you the latest PRP therapy to completely revitalize your face and bring back its youthfulness.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP?

PRP is just a serum made out of your blood. Platelets usually respond to injuries in the human body, encouraging protein protection and healing. This plasma treatment for the face plays the role of a medium to keep the platelets active till they are used.

In  PRP therapy, we spun a sample in your centrifuge. This way, we separate your plasma and platelets. We use a rich system in the Image clinic to isolate a higher concentration of your platelets to use th4em on your face.

What Benefits Does Skin Derive From PRP Therapy?

Depending on how you want to use it, we can provide you with many plasma skin treatments. Our plasma therapy for the face can reduce your sunspots, under-eye circles, fine lines, and much more such appearances. 

The growth factors in PRP therapy will attract more to the injection site, which will help heal you deeply and cellular turnover. 

After undergoing our PRP therapy, you will feel like your time has turned back as it reverses your skin-aging appearance drastically.

With the best skin treatment in Kolkata, we can prolong your treatment result while encouraging continuous rejuvenation, even a long time after your treatment with us. You can also get PRP treatment for acne scars with us to erase your troubling acne spots permanently. You can also reduce the clarity of rough, raised, or reddened patches of your skin. 

The best part of PRP therapy is that it is tailored to your skin type as we make it using your blood, so you will be secure from any allergic reaction of your body while trying to reject the plasma. We safely, effectively, and holistically nourish, smooth, and brighten up your skin. 

How Can PRP Be Used To Treat Your Skin?

One major advantage of providing PRP therapy is combining it with other treatments for a boosted efficacy. 

When we use it in procedures like laser skin treatments and micro-needling, you can get prolonged and improved results with our PRP therapy. Our clinic offers both laser and botox treatments and much more, along with PRP therapy.

Our secret RF micro-needling process creates a combination of micro-needling and skin tightening with radiofrequency. Microneedling even causes micro-injuries allowing the RF energy to penetrate deeper into your Skin to encourage the production of new elastin and collagen. 

Look Younger & Confident!

You can be assured of getting proven results of skin improvement with us. Be it scar removal or improving your skin quality, we thrive on making your skin healthier, brighter, and better. Visit your Image Clinic and get treated with the best PRP therapy in the city, and get the skin you’ve always wished for.

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