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Is Salicylic Effective For Acne Scar Treatment?

Salicylic is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) stemmed from willow bark. It is synthesized synthetically and is known for its oil-soluble ingredient – meaning it can penetrate skin layers, dissolve sebum and help exfoliate the skin.

When it comes to anti-fighting ingredients, salicylic acid (a form of BHA) is the most loved treatment out there. This chemical exfoliant works to clear pores and prevent acne formation by breaking down the buildup of sebum and debris in the skin and sloughing off dead skin cells. Its anti-inflammatory properties help minimize redness and inflammation related to acne.

Thousands of people are going wild over the effectiveness of salicylic acid for acne scars treatment in Kolkata. If you’re interested in knowing how salicylic acid is used to bash those blemishes, keep reading.

How Does Salicylic Acid Work on The Skin?

For more than 20000 years, Salicylic acid has been used to treat various skin disorders, for skin exfoliation, and for aesthetic purposes.

How does acne develop?

Acne develops on the skin when an excess of skin oil and dead skin cells clog the pores. This congestion entraps bacteria, which results in inflammation and pus-filled pimples.

This damage to the skin causes collagen production, a protein that aids in skin repair. And too much collagen production leads to the formation of acne scars.

Salicylic acid is known for its natural and effective exfoliant capability. Salicylic acid actively loosens and breaks apart the bonds that hold cells together on the outer layer of the skin. It helps dissolve the sebum that blocks the pores.

This promotes exfoliation of the dead skin cells, stopping them from accumulating on the skin surface and clogging the pores.  

Salicylic acid is also a keratolytic agent, which aids breaking the compact between dead skin cells. This helps reveal new, healthy skin cells from underneath – which gives the skin more brighter and even appearance. 

Salicylic acid also contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are highly effective in reducing inflamed pimples. It works by blocking the genetic pathway, particularly the NF-κB pathway, which is a key factor in the body’s inflammation.

Salicylic acid peels also help address wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and skin laxity.

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How Powerful is Salicylic Acid For Acne?

Thanks to its exfoliating properties, Salicylic acid is an ideal and preventive treatment for acne. It imparts many benefits for treating inflammatory acne, but it is more effective for treating non-inflammatory (comedonal) acne.

Comedonal acne manifests in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and plugs of debris that block the skin pores. 

Inflammatory acne like papules, pustules and cysts are the results of the growth of Cutibacterium acnes – which is also known as Gram-positive bacteria.

Salicylic acid does have antibacterial properties, but it is more potent on Gram-negative bacteria. When combined with an antibacterial medication like benzoyl peroxide, they both work together as an effective anti-fighting strategy.

Clinical studies have laid the proof that salicylic acid is effective for acne treatment when used alone or as a part of a combination therapy. It reduces redness and inflammation and helps heal the pimples by drying them.

A study review of four clinical studies have revealed that 0.5% and 2% solutions of salicylic acid have helped reduce the number and the buildup of ace lesions. Another 8-week study of the efficacy of a 2% salicylic acid cleanser has shown a significant reduction in acne lesions.

Is it Effective For Acne Scar Treatment?

When used at a 30% strength, salicylic acid is considered the most effective of chemical peels for treating acne scars. Unlike other peeling agents, this acid doesn’t cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in darker skin.

Hence it is considered one of the relatively safe acne scars treatment in Kolkata

Note: Salicylic acid may take a few weeks to show the results. Consider it as an effective treatment, but not a miracle cure. 

Is Salicylic Acid Suitable For All Skin Types?

Salicylic acid is considered safe for most skin types but highly beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. It is also effective for combination skin types. Here is how it works on different skin types:

Oily Skin: Salicylic acid reduces the oil production and clear pores. This helps prevent and treat acne.

Dry Skin: Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells, which in turn reveals brighter, smoother skin texture.

Sensitive Skin: Salicylic acid is suitable for sensitive skin, but it is advisable to start with a low concentration.

Combination Skin: For the oily and acne-prone part of the skin, salicylic acid works great and for the drier areas of the skin, it works by exfoliating and soothing the skin.

Does Salicylic Acid Have Any Side Effects?

Overcleansing the skin with salicylic acid makes the skin irritated and inflamed. This can exacerbate acne symptoms and cause breakouts. Overusing salicylic acid rips the skin of its natural oil and causes excess sebum production. 

How to include Salicylic Acid In Your Skin Routine For Acne Scar Treatment?

Salicylic acid is used in various skincare products like cleansers, face washes, toners and moisturizers. Including it daily in your daily skin care routine will give you the best results.

  • As a Spot Treatment

If you have dry skin that is breaking out, it’s not a good idea to use salicylic acid all over the face. The BHA content in this is most suitable for oily skin. Rather apply salicylic acid on bumps and pimples. This is called sport-treat acne. This helps dry out the pimples and not the entire face.

  • Cleansers and Face Washes 

Cleansers and face washes are among the most common salicylic acid products chosen for acne scar treatment. Though both are gentle enough for daily use, they vary in terms of potency and the skin type that they are best suited for.

 For those with oily to combination skin, a face wash with salicylic acid is a must-have.

  • Moisturizers 

Though acne-prone skin tends to be oily but they also require moisturization. 

Acne medication can have a drying effect on the skin but it is equally important to restore the moisture for a healthy skin.

Choose moisturizers with a low content of salicylic acid. This will prevent breakouts and also prevent hydration to the skin.

  • Toners

Toners are applied after cleansing to remove all the remaining residue and rebalance the pH level of the skin. Pressing the skin with tones containing salicylic acid helps keep the pores clean and helps deposit the product well. 

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Final Thoughts

Now you have a fair understanding of the effectiveness of salicylic acid for acne scars treatment in Kolkata. Having said that, you should remember that skincare acids (even if they don’t cause irritation) should be used under prescribed dosage. Salicylic acid is indeed an effective solution but can cause skin burning and peeling if not used correctly. Therefore you should consult a certified dermatologist before including salicylic acid in your skincare routine.

We understand the stress and the anxiety one faces living a life with acne scars. However many effective treatments are available for acne scar removal. But choosing the right treatment for your skin type can be confusing. Worry not, Image Clinic can help. Our certified dermatologists will provide you information about different skincare and help you choose the same for your skin condition.

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