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7 Steps Procedure of Painless RCT Treatment Performed by the Best Dental Clinic Kolkata

Best Dental Clinic Kolkata  – Do you have persistent tooth pain, chipped or cracked teeth, or swollen gums? Then, that’s your call to visit Image Clinic, the best dental clinic Kolkata to get RCT. Our knees start quaking just at the mention of “root clinic”, doesn’t it?

However, Image Clinic can be the best dental clinic near me for a quick and painless RCT treatment. When it comes to painless dental treatments, they have the best dental surgeon in Kolkata. Their easy 7 step RCT procedure can just be like a walk in the park.

So, the next time you need to get RCT, you don’t have to be fraught with worry. Below, read on to know why we are insisting so.

The 7 step RCT procedure 

Here is a step-by-step guide to the RCT procedure of Image Clinic. The next time you will visit Image Clinic – the best dental clinic in south Kolkata for an RCT, you will know what to expect and why.

Step 1 – Local Anaesthesia

The best dental surgeon in Kolkata from Image Clinic begins the RCT procedure by administering local anesthesia. They numb the teeth and the surrounding area with the help of it. Then, they wait to proceed with the treatment until the area is completely numbed. 

Step 2 – Dental Dam

In this stage, the dentist applies a dental dam which is a thin sheet of rubber or vinyl. This enables the dentist to specifically concentrate on the infected teeth while blocking away all the surrounding teeth. Additionally, the dental dams create a sterile environment to lower the risk of bacteria infection found in the rest of the mouth. 

Step 3 – Drilling

Then, the dentist drills a small hole in the affected tooth to get better access to the dead pulp chamber. The dentist will drill the hole in the biting surface or into the back of the teeth as per the requirement.

Step 4 – Pulling tissues and nerves

Next, the dead pulp tissues and nerves are removed carefully. Image Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge canal tools that can painlessly get this step done. 

Step 5 – Disinfecting

After removing the tissues, the dentist disinfects the canals of the affected tooth.

Step 6 – Insert root canal tools

The dentists insert root canal tools to shape the area for filling.  Then, the dentists of Image Clinic again thoroughly clean the area to take care of any left behind debris. 

Step 7 – Apply Filling

Finally, the dentist applies a rubber-like, thermoplastic filling material to the root canals. It is set in place with an adhesive cement sealer. The dentist may insert a post into the root canal to hold the filling in its place.

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So, the next time you are looking for a painless and quick RCT procedure, you know who to book.

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