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Beautify Your Smile With Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Wouldn’t you love to hear someone say, “your smile is worth a million dollars!”  Sadly, some of us believe our teeth are not beautiful enough to brighten up our smiles. 

Regardless of the shape and size, every body part is God-gifted. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with fixing a few insecurities – if it helps to gain our confidence back. 

First things people notice in a person’s smile:

  • Colour and whiteness of teeth
  • The sincerity of the smile
  • The sparkle of a smile
  • Missing teeth
  • Straightness
  • Cleanliness 

The good news is that these days dentistry is more than just filling and pulling out teeth. In fact, Cosmetic dentistry treatment is a new trend. 

The global market size for the cosmetic dentistry industry was estimated at USD 23.02 billion in 2018. Interestingly, it is anticipated to increase to USD 43.06 billion by 2026.

Over the last few years, it has also gained immense popularity in India. Our dentists at Image Clinic have introduced several procedures to improve people’s smiles. Depending on your impairment, one of these treatments will surely fix your smile. So, are you curious already? Let’s wait no more and check these popular cosmetic dentistry treatments.

7 Cosmetic dentistry treatments  to make your smile more beautiful than ever

1. Dental implants for missing teeth

Dental implant procedure is a long-term discreet solution to replace failing or missing teeth. Anyone with a missing tooth knows the real struggle. We just hate feeling less confident due to a missing tooth. Not to mention the chewing problems.

We just keep on wishing, “wish I could grow my tooth back!” 

Being practical, no you can’t! But you can implant. Let’s talk about it a little later. 

However, do you also have a tooth that feels like it can fall at any time? The pain is real! That tingling feeling inside the mouth is just disgusting. The best option you have is to remove it. But then what?

Don’t worry! Dental implants come to your rescue for both situations. At Image Clinic, we insert a titanium screw directly inside your jawbone to replace that missing tooth. Our dentists at Image Clinic Kolkata have performed numerous dental implants so far. 

People happily leave our clinic, flashing a smile.

Tooth Implant
Natural tooth

Porcelain Crown

Tooth Root


Gum Tissue Jawbone

2. Whitening treatment for stained teeth

Are you stuck with stained or discoloured teeth? There can be many reasons behind this. But the fact is nobody wants to carry them anywhere. Not to mention how embarrassing it is to smile with stained teeth. 

So, that’s when this whitening treatment is referred to. This is the most common treatment people come to us for. We just feel overwhelmed to see people leaving our clinic with bright smiles after this. Their feedback is a real blessing for us.

Steps for teeth whitening treatment:

  1. Check the shade
  2. Clean and polish
  3. Whitening agent coating
  4. Rinse
  5. The fluoride treatment

3. Enamel Reshaping to contour teeth

It’s a way of shaping your natural teeth. Many people are born with twisted teeth. It’s not something you need to worry about. But it’s all about our insecurities. After all, we want to flash our beautiful smiles. 

Also known as cosmetic contouring, we start this treatment in the following steps:

  • Change the teeth length
  • Smoothen the teeth corners
  • Remove overlapping teeth

After reshaping, we usually apply dental bonding material to your sculpt and teeth carefully. Now, you’d be done with beautiful even teeth for a beautiful smile.

4. Invisalign treatment to fix teeth positions

Do you have misaligned, overlapping, or crooked teeth? If yes, then this is the cosmetic dentistry treatment you have been looking for. 

In this process, we correct your teeth using gentle pressure with braces. Your crooked teeth will be gradually shifted into the correct position. We’d recommend you to use clear braces because traditional ones are not too friendly. 

Steps of Invisalign treatment with us:

  Initial Appointment

Digital Molding Process(Scan, photographs, X-rays)

First Tray Fitting

Follow-Up Appointment


Straighter Teeth

5. Veneer or Porcelain laminate for bonding natural teeth

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is just a blessing in itself. Follow up to know why.

Do you have chipped discoloured, gapped, cracked, or decayed teeth?

Anyone with such teeth can feel anxiety to smile openly. Thankfully, with the veneer treatment, we are right here in Kolkata to save your day. 

We use thin porcelain shells to bond to your natural teeth’ surface. By doing so, we perfectly cover your imperfections. You are sure to head back home with a happy enhancing smile.

Steps that we follow for Veneer treatment:

Step 1: Preparing your tooth

Step 2: Take the shade

Step 3: Take the impression

Step 4: Placing a temporary veneer(only when needed)

Step 5: Evaluating pre-cementation

Step 6: Bond the veneer

Step 7: Wrap things up

6. Dental bridges to replace a missing tooth

This is the process where we replace a missing tooth with a false one. This later binds to your natural teeth perfectly on either side of the gap. 

Do you have missing teeth, whether it be front teeth or anywhere? If yes, then dental bridges should be your go-to cosmetic dentistry treatment. There can be many reasons why someone would need a dental bridge. But, sometimes people are even born without one due to congenital conditions. 

7. Dental crowns for damaged teeth

Dental crowns are cosmetic dentistry procedures where we place caps on top of your damaged teeth. These crowns cover, restore, and protect your teeth’ shape when filling doesn’t work. You can choose any crown material options like porcelain, metals, ceramics, or resin. 

Typically, you’d be done with this cosmetic dentistry treatment right away. The best thing is, that crowns do not even require any special care. All you need to do is maintain good oral hygiene. 

Damaged teeth and all is fine. But, isn’t it too basic for an answer? What if we prepare a list of when you exactly need a dental crown? You need dental crowns 

  • To protect a weak tooth from decaying.
  • To restore a broken or severely worn down tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge
  • To cover discoloured teeth
  • To cover misshapen teeth
  • To cover a tooth after root canal treatment

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Being the best dental clinic in Kolkata, we take pride in bringing back people’s smiles with all the above treatments. At Image Clinic, you don’t have to worry about mishappenings. Our professionals in cosmetic dentistry treatment are trained and well-educated. Moreover, we are occupied with imported modern equipment for all treatments. 

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