Tattoo Removal Treatment

Essential Things You Must Know Before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

It’s not as easy as covering it with a band-aid-like Ariana Grande did.

We have all heard the whole “tattoos are forever” quote from the time we were children. People spend years and decades planning the design before going to the tattoo parlour. But what once felt like a great idea may years later become a massive, buttery-shaped regret.


Tattoos are definitely permanent, but the notion that “they’re forever” is outdated. Sure, you can hide the ink with a band-aid (Ariana Grande’s idea). Or a creative cover-up job like Pete Davidson. 

But if you’re looking for permanent tattoo removal treatment, the laser has got your back. At least, sort off.

Reality Behind Tattoo Removal Treatment In Kolkata

It is absolutely possible to get rid of tattoos entirely. But it isn’t as simple as pressing “undo” on your regrettable decision. 

Here, we will lay out every unknown, lesser-known fact about the tattoo removal treatment. Facts will really make anyone think twice before inking up.

Things To Know About Tattoo Removal Treatment

Lasers Are Strong

The lasers used in tattoo removal are among the most intense and strongest on the market. This is mostly because the skin specialists are trying to get rid of something that’s supposed to be permanent. Surely, you can’t expect the lasers to be ordinary.

It requires strong, intense energy to microscopically break up the pigment cells. Each cell has a colour. The laser explodes them underneath the skin. The pigment comes to the surface over the next week of the treatment.

The skin area will get crusting and look swollen. It looks similar to when you actually get a tattoo. The skin remains red and swollen. You will have to take good care of it for the week.

Over the next week, the skin will begin to itch and peel off. This is when you know it’s time for another tattoo removal treatment session.

You Will Need More Than One Treatment

One session under the burning hot laser sadly isn’t enough. You will need more sessions of tattoo removal treatment to get satisfactory results.

The number of sessions will depend on the age, size, and colour of your tattoo. Usually, 6-10 treatments are enough to completely erase a tattoo. So, get set to settle in for a nice, long relationship with the skin specialist.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Is Expensive

That 3000 infinity sign tattoo you got at spring break may wind up costing you 10 times as much in removal. As per experts, each laser session costs between ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 96,000. So, ₹ 15,000 times 10 treatments. Well, that is going to be a huge figure!

Be Careful With Who You Go For The Treatment

As you have seen, tattoo removal treatment is surely expensive. But this isn’t something you want to bargain for. 

Be sure to go with a skin clinic that is board certified and has experience with tattoo removal. Don’t just walk into a clinic down the street and hop on the table for treatment. This may put you at the risk of doing long-lasting damage to your skin.

Patients most often get scarring and discolouration from laser tattoo removal. The laser is so hot that it causes damage. If not done properly, all it will take is one blister to cause a permanent scar.

It Doesn’t Hurt As Much As It Is Told

Subjecting your skin to the strongest, most intense layers will hurt a lot, right?

WRONG! If the skin specialist is expert enough, you’ll undoubtedly get painless tattoo removal

Nearly every skin clinic uses some sort of anaesthetic to make the tattoo removal treatment more comfortable. Patients can expect mild or no discomfort. 

But if the skin specialist is not knowledgeable enough or he skips using an anaesthetic, get set for some pain.

Location And Size Of Tattoo Matter

The location of the tattoo will affect the removal process. Tattoos that are further from your heart are more difficult to remove.


Because the blood flow helps you heal. 

Laser tattoo removal treatment causes some short-term injury that has to heal. If the tattoo is located further from the heart, the vascular supply is diminished. As a result, the tattoo will heal slower. This will make it harder for the body’s lymphatic system to carry away the broken ink.

For instance – ankle tattoos are pretty stubborn for tattoo removal treatment. They’re not impossible, but they are notoriously difficult.

The size of the tattoo also has an obvious effect on the removal. Smaller tattoos are easier to remove as compared to larger ones.

Colourful Tattoos Can Be Completely Removed

In the past, darker ink colours like green, blues, and some reds have been difficult to remove completely. This was mostly because the earlier lasers didn’t have the right speed or energy wavelength to do the job.

But now, with the advent of PICO laser technology, this is no longer a problem. Powerful lasers have shortened the length of time to remove these dark ink colours. 

Professional Tattoos Are Easier To Remove Than Amateur Ones

We’re sure you have not heard of this before. Tattoos from amateurs are much more difficult to remove. This is because professional tattoos are evenly inked. This makes the tattoo removal treatment very predictable. 

In contrast, amateur tattoos have an uneven distribution of ink. This can be a serious obstacle in the tattoo removal treatment process.

In Conclusion

Modern tattoo removal technology is growing more effective with time. It’s a viable option for anyone with an unwanted tattoo.

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