Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Important Things You would like to Know About Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

These days, laser hair reduction has become a popular trend amongst Indian men and women.

Why? Most Indians have quick hair growth and the traditional hair removal methods are actually more frustrating and painful than a remedy. Some of these hair removal methods even need to be repeated after a week – meaning more discomfort, pain, cuts, and dark marks on the delicate skin.

On the contrary, laser hair reduction treatment does not cause any reactions such as rashes, spots, or folliculitis and has long-lasting results as compared to the traditional methods. But with typically used methods like waxing, shaving, and threading can result in ingrown hair or returning much thicker and darker hair which is not the case when using lasers.

But before you undergo this treatment, you might have some questions that you want to know answers to. In this write-up, we have jotted down some of the most frequently asked questions log answers the most frequently asked questions about laser hair reduction.

Let’s start with the most important one.

How Does The Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Work?

The laser hair reduction treatment uses a suitable frequency light to eliminate hair effectively and for a longer period. Broad-spectrum light is targeted at the hair shaft and when the light is absorbed, the hair root is heated and destroyed. The laser applicator is then moved to the surrounding skin until the entire area is covered and all hair roots are destroyed.

Does Laser Hair Reduction Hurt?

Contrary to the popular belief, laser treatment for hair removal is virtually painless as compared to waxing plucking and other traditional methods of hair removal. Additionally, a numbing cream is also applied to make the process painless. The laser pulse lasts less than a second and often just produces a  slight tingling sensation on the skin, which subsides within a few hours of the treatment.

What Precautions Do You Need To Take Before A Laser Removal Appointment?

  • Keep the sun protected from UV exposure at least a month before the treatment.
  • Remove any spray tan from the area of the skin you want to get treated.
  • Shaving the area around 12-24 hours before the treatment can help in reducing the heating up of the skin and burns.
  • Do not wax or tweeze your skin for up to six weeks before the appointment.
  • Avoid applying any topical creams on the area that would be treated.

How long does a laser hair reduction treatment session take?

Generally, the laser hair reduction session’s length would depend upon the area size, hair density, machine speed, and a person’s pain threshold. Typically, it takes around 2-3 minutes to get the upper lips done, 6-10 minutes for underarms, and 30 minutes for full legs.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

Common side effects include a slight burning sensation, a bit of redness, and in some cases swelling. Using antibiotics and ice can help manage the discomfort after treatment. And these side effects only last for a couple of hours after treatment.


To get the best results, one should always get the hair removal treatment from an expert.

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