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Reasons Why Doctors Recommend PRP for Hair Loss

Young or older, nobody wants to lose every strain of hair and go bald. To stop the ongoing hair loss, all we want is a viable treatment option. But, when no treatment relieves the symptoms, it’s frustrating.

If you are going through the same, then we have a top-notch solution. It’s a highly recommended hair loss treatment from the doctors at Image Clinic and worldwide- the Platelet-rich Plasma therapy! It’s the most effective hair loss treatment.

Before knowing why, let’s know what,

What is PRP?

PRP is a sample of concentrated blood containing a greater volume of platelets than the normal blood. Likewise, PRP therapy is a process where a natural healing factor is inserted into the blood. Following this, your cells get activated to create natural hair growth. 

If you initiate, we take your own blood and spin it in our centrifuge to separate your plasma. Centrifugation helps platelet concentration in your plasma. After placing the platelets in a diluted solution, we inject them into your low hair growth area. Probably there’d be a damaged or pain tissue in the area. 

So, what makes this treatment so popular? Why do doctors recommend PRP so much? Let’s know….

So, Why PRP treatment?

No risk

As mentioned above, PRP uses its own elements. That’s why it is very safe for your hair loss treatment

Are you someone thinking, “I’ve heard of it recently, so it’s a new treatment, and that’s why it can be risky.”? Well, let’s tell you that you are wrong. 

PRP therapy has been recognized way back in the 1970s. And hospitals have been using it for sports medicine since then. Its healing properties work on players’ wounds. 

Long-lasting results

Usually, people see their hair growing back in three to four weeks. So, we do not promise you results overnight. Our doctors at Image Clinic rather say that you’ll get to see results after three to four weeks. 

But the best part is that we can assure you of long-lasting results. After an initial series of our treatments, your hair growth will last for nearly 2 years. Hence, we recommend you a yearly plasma treatment for a better and constant solution.

It’s a natural cosmetic treatment

 Since we use your own body elements it’s natural. You do not have to worry about a foreign product injected into your skin. If you are relating PRP treatment to silicone implants or lip fillers then you’re wrong. 

Our doctor will draw a small sample of your blood. That’s then stored in the centrifuge for 5 minutes to separate the plasma. Then we inject the platelet-rich plasma into your hair loss treatment area

Quick, convenient, and easy

Unlike other hair loss treatments, PRP therapy gets done very quickly. The process is easier for both the doctor and the patient. It’s even convenient to invest in yourself because you’ll have less pain, easy healing, and long-lasting results.

Our doctors are well-knowledge and practised, so you can be sure to avoid any side effects. So, let your hair regrow naturally with the best hair treatment in Kolkata from Image Clinic. 

Experience natural hair regrowth at Image Clinic in Kolkata

We have the best doctors practised and educated in globally prestigious institutions. So, with professional strength, assure a quality hair loss treatment from Image Clinic’s PRP therapy.

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