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What is the Best Treatment for Female Hair Loss Done by the Best Dermatologist in Kolkata?

Best Dermatologist in Kolkata: Women oftentimes complain when their beauty gets hampered. Talking about beauty hair is certainly an indispensable part that enhances the beauty of the manifold. Certainly, beautiful cascading hair strands with voluminous effect give a bubbly look to the hair. And this is what honestly every woman anticipates to have in their lives. But losing hair becomes a struggle because either you need to follow the DIY methods to rectify the hair fall or you need to call upon the doctor. Speaking of which, the best dermatologist in Kolkata can treat you well at the same time can enlighten you on the reasons behind losing hair.

What is the plausible hair treatment offered by the best dermatologist in Kolkata?

Here we have enumerated some of the popular hair treatment methods offered by the best skin clinic in Kolkata. Note that with the help of these treatments you can reduce the hair loss effect and slow down the hair fall at once. They will treat all types of hair fall even loss of hair in patches. Remember that the treatment includes both topical medication and surgery. But it completely depends on the seriousness of the patient.

Hair transplantation treatment

At times it happens that there is a massive hair loss and that is particularly from the top portion of the head. Now, this leads to baldness. Restoring the hair using surgery is commonly termed hair transplantation treatment. The doctors from the best skin treatment in Kolkata will help you get back the majority of your hair. In this type of transplantation, the surgeon removes the hair from a certain portion and transplants that to the balded location.

Now after examining the hair location, either the doctor will strip off single or multiple hairs. Even a large patch of skin with groups of several hairs is extracted as required as well. Now you don’t have to worry because this treatment does not call for any hospitalization. The credible surgeons will try to ease your bruise, bleeding, or swelling with supportive medications.

Laser therapy

As per the best dermatologist in Kolkata hair problem, you will see that light laser treatment can help to treat the hair fall easily. Lowe level of Laser therapy helps in hair regrowth, it also improves the density of the hair. The treatment procedure is noninvasive so patients won’t feel any kind of pain.

During the process, the best dermatologist in Kolkata uses a special type of comb with a laser. With the help of these, the specialist does illuminate the photons onto the hair tissue on your scalp. Resultantly, the weaker hair cells do absorb that easily and that aids in the regrowth of hair.

RX treatment

The best skin specialist in Kolkata Gariahat makes sure that you receive the best treatment when it comes to hair loss. They do try to ease your experience and give you a whole range of satiation assuring hundred per cent safety.

Talking about the goodness of the RX treatment it is worth saying that it will help to check hair loss, aid in the growth of new hairs. Don’t worry about the procedure as it is pain-free.

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